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Joe Nathan Injured: Minnesota Twins in Peril

Joe Nathan Injured: Minnesota Twins in Peril. Joe Nathan has apparently been given the red light on all his games and won’t be hitting the playing field anytime soon because of his torn ligament. Lady luck seems to have abandoned the team only a few weeks before the Opening day. Without a closer, the teams fate hangs in the balance.

Joe Nathan’s left elbow is the problem where he’s torn a ulnar collateral ligament. The player maybe headed for surgery soon, there is also speculation that he may spend some time in a rehab letting his elbow heal to see whether he can still stick to pitching the game.

If he goes in for the surgery the likelihood is that we won’t be seeing the man for the 2010 season, which in turn will spell disaster for the Twins, who were otherwise being forecast as heavyweights to watch out for.  Similar injuries have previously resulted in players being taken off the field for good for the season.

The twins have the option of either trading in a closer to replace Nathan or promote one of the new guys from within their ranks. Lets see what the team decides to do.

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