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2010 Oscars And Razzies: Sandra Bullock First To Win Worst Actress And Best Actress Awards Same Day

Sandra Bullock not only won her first Golden Raspberry Award on March 7, but she also won an Academy Award.  The former was for Worst Actress for “All About Steve,” the latter for Best Actress in a Leading Role for “The Blind Side.”  And with the winning of a Razzie and an Oscar, not only did she make personal history (they were her first awards from either rewarding organization), she made cinematic history for being the first actor to ever win a Worst and Best acting award in the same year. 

She had made a public statement that if she won a Razzie, she would accept it.  True to her word, she stepped up on stage and accepted her Razzie Award for “All About Steve” (and she would win another — for Worst Screen Couple in “All About Steve,” shared with Bradley Cooper). She was also on hand to accept her Academy Award for “The Blind Side” as well.

At the 2010 Razzies, she passed out some of her “All About Steve” DVDs and told the gathered to watch it and reconsider, and if they believed she wasn’t that bad, she would return and give back her Razzie at the 2011 ceremony. 

At the 2010 Oscars, she said, “I finally wore you all down.”  Then she told the audience that Meryl Streep was a great kisser.  She honored her fellow nominees, Meryl Streep, Helen Mirren, Sidibe Gabourey, and Carey Mulligan (who she noted was so talented “she makes me sick”). 

But her joking turned to tears when she talked about what “The Blind Side” meant to her.  She said the movie was about thankless mothers, the women who do for their families and rarely if ever get acknowledged.   Sandra Bullock’s voice broke when she thanked her mother – Helga Meyer, a German opera singer, who died in 2000 – for pushing her to practice when she was young.

The 2010 Best Actress Oscar for “The Blind Side” was Sandra Bullock’s first nomination and win.  Last month, the 45-year-old actress won her first Golden Globe Award for the same role.

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