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Mosi Tatupu Dies

Mosi Tatupu Dies. The New England Patriots player passed away on Tuesday, he was only 54. Anyone who has an interest in football knows who Mosi Tatupuis. He’s left a legacy worth 13 seasons behind him where he played as the special team standout and jack-of-all-trades running back.

Officials from the Sturdy Memorial hospital confirmed his death but failed to give out any cause for death. Tatupu was known for his cheerful and fun attitude and for being a team player. Football wasn’t just his job but also his passion and he played for the game and nothing else.

Mosi Tatupu became part of the Pro Bowl in 1986, with a huge fan following and his very own nickname i.e. “Mosi’s Mooses.” Mosi has a record of 18 touchdowns while he played for the Patriots. His talents ranged from blocking, to catching, to handling the backfield, to the many goal line situations.

His loss will be felt by many and he will be deeply missed.

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