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Tiger Woods Press Conference and Ample Assumptions

Tiger Woods press conference and ample assumptions.  A Tiger Woods press conference on Friday is the buzz of the Internet, as the shamed golfer is believed to be breaking his silence after months of seclusion.  Many hope that the press conference will answer many questions, such as

Is Tiger and Elin getting divorced?

Did Tiger Woods really get Joslyn James pregnant twice?

Was Rachel Uchitel in Florida for vacation, or was she visiting Tiger Woods?

Did Tiger go to sex rehab in Mississippi?

Did he really have a gay affair with Phil Mickelson?

Of course, Tiger Woods is known for his insistence on privacy. Chances are, little of the juicy stuff will be discussed.  I would think that all Tiger will do is apologize for his ‘indiscretions’ once more, ask for his privacy, and express hi excitement about returning to golf.

Can’t say that I blame him for wanting a little privacy.  After all, he’s a golfer – not a politician.  What freaky things he does in his own time is his own business, really.

BUT! If I was Tiger Woods, I would write a juicy tell-all memoir about my past, not leaving anything out.  I would then go on Oprah, cry a little and express interest in becoming a ‘changed man’

At least then he would be able to make up some of the money he lost when sponsors dropped him.

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