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Honda Recall Airbags Defective and Potentially Fatal

Honda Recall: airbags in certain Honda vehichles are defective and potentially fatal.  The Honda recall for airbags is the second for the Japanese automaker in two weeks.  The first recall was of the Honda Fit, and that was over a faulty window that could cause the vehicle to catch on fire.

The Honda airbag recall according to the Christian Science Monitor “The problem stems from the vehicles’ airbag inflators, which can place too great a force on the airbag when put into use, fracturing the inflator and causing metal shards that have resulted in 12 incidents, including one fatality.”

Honda owners are encouraged to wait until contacted by Honda to seek repairs.  However, given the seriousness of the situation, I would probably call the dealership to speak with the service department if I felt my vehicle was recalled.

Honda’s newest recall means about 1,000,000 cars have problems.  Toyota, Honda’s Japanese rival, recently had two recalls – one that stalled production and sales of popular vehicles and another affecting their most popular hybrid vehicle.

Honda and Toyota owners should keep a close eye on the situation to ensure that if they aren’t involved in the recall currently, they know the status of the safety of their vehicle.

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