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Kendra Wilkinson Super Bowl Appearance and Baby Boy Hank

Kendra Wilkinson Super Bowl appearance and Baby Boy Hank at the Super Bowl XLIV was popular.  Reality star Kendra Wilkinson graced the Super Bowl with her baby son little Hank, hoping that his daddy would win his first ever Super Bowl performance.  While the Colts lost, Kendra is definitely a winner with her charismatic attitude and adorable baby boy.

Kendra Wilkinson’s Super Bowl attendance would have been a lot different had she not just had a baby.  Prior to becoming pregnant for little Hank, we would have seen the starlet bouncing around, and drinking Patron with the whos-who of Miami beach.

This time, her appearance was a little more reserved…but that’s okay.  She’s a mom now and everyone was excited to see her little bundle of joy.  Everyone was most likely relieved that a tabloid photo of Kendra drinking alcohol didn’t surface in the wake of her recent birth.

Kendra’s man was sadly disappointed when the Colts lost to the Saints with a final score of 31-17.  The loss was sealed in fate when Peyton Manning threw an interception late in the 4th quarter. 

Then there’s the tears.  Kendra explained that she cried during the Super Bowl because the papparazzi wouldn’t leave her alone.  Some speculate it was because her team lost.

There’s always next year.  Maybe then Kendra Wilkinson’s Super Bowl attendance will end up being a more joyous occasion.

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