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iPad Reviews are Mixed – is the iPad a Big iPhone or a Revolutionary Product?

iPad reviews are mixed. Some iPad reviews indicate that the Apple product is a big iPhone. Other iPad reviews say that the gadget is a revolutionary product.  So which is it?  Is the iPad nothing more than a blown-up iPhone, or is the new product the revolutionary product we have all been waiting for.

Nothing is quite as popular as the Apple iPhone. It allows you to talk on the phone, use Twitter, FaceBook, and it’s just all around a really cool gadget.  When news of a tablet computer from the Cuptertino, California based company started making its buzz, everyone was excited.

But are they let down? Well, there are two product lines that are most likely shaking in their boots because of the invention of the Apple iPad: the netbook and the eBook. recently experienced a stock price increase after higher than expected earnings during the fourth quarter.  Their revenue went up 46% from year to year, and the company attributes some of the gain to the popularity of their Kindle.

The Kindle is an electronic product that allows you to read thousands of books in electronic format. For every 10 physical books sold, 6 Kindle books are sold.

The Apple iPad could hurt that.

In addition, those that want internet access on the go currently seek out netbooks.  The Apple iPad could hurt sales of these products as well. 

I’d much rather tote around an iPad than a netbook. It would be much easier to fit in my purse and would be much easier to discretely use.



Still yet, critics complain that the iPad is nothing more than a big iPhone. They don’t expect the sales of the product to take off, as consumers favor the smaller handsets.

There’s also the chance that maybe – just maybe – the iPad will revolutionize computing.  There are a few things that Apple could improve.  For instance, being able to have more than one application open at a time would be a great start.

They could also produce the tablet to be able to handle the same software as their MacBook line of laptops.

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    1. Cliff Garner says:

      I own an iphone and a netbook along with several computers. I’m almost 60 and the idea of a device that is basically an over sized iphone is actually a possible substitute for both. Apple could be aiming this product at the largest segment of the American population with diminishing eye sight and not so steady hands (read boomers). I’m not an apple fan boy, but when it comes to new products, everyone else is always trying to catch up. Apple does invent new products. Cell phones were just phones until the Iphone & portable media required ripping and saving. As long as every other manufacturer is playing catchup, they are left with wish-we-had-done-that envy.

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