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John and Elizabeth Edwards Divorce? Couple Legally Separated

John and Elizabeth Edwards separated.  Less than a week after John Edwards admitted that Quinn is his daughter, John and Elizabeth Edwards are separated.  Prior to the sex scandal that tarnished John’s political career, the couple was a golden couple.

Elizabeth Edwards was seen as intellectually superior to her husband.  She wasn’t what you expected from a typical political wife. She was thought of by many as her husband’s driving force.

Elizabeth Edwards also has battled cancer.  During her battle with this disease, her husband had an affair.

The John Edwards sex scandal has been going on for years.  At first, his aide said that he was the father of the love child in question.  Just recently, Edwards manned up and admitted that he was the father of the baby.

John and Elizabeth Edwards are now legally separated, and this could lead to a divorce.  What does this say?

For one, it says that Elizabeth Edwards isn’t going to let her husband run over her.  She’s also not going to stand for lying and deceit.  Had John came to her and told her the truth head on, the outcome could have been very different.

Second, it goes to show you that you can’t mess around with your family life and expect everything to be okay.  John Edwards likely assumed that his secret wouldn’t ever come out – and he worked hard to hide it.

For more information on John and Elizabeth’s split, visit the ABC News Web site.

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