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Jeopardy Online Test – Are You Brilliant or Dull?

Jeopardy online test: Think you’re brilliant? Try out the Jeopardy online test.  This test allows adults to try out for the long running game show that features questions in the form of answers.  If you are a Trivia guru and think you know your stuff, try the Jeopardy online test.

The test would also be fun to try for those that just want to see how they do.  Those that take the test out of sheer curiosity may find that they are smarter than they think (or the alternative…)

Those that want to know when the Jeopardy online test times are, those in the Eastern time zone missed their spot.  However, they can take the test on Wednesday at 8 CST/ 7 MST or Thursday at 8 PST.  All times are in the evening.

The online test will consist of 50 clues with 15 seconds to answer each clue.  Those that do well on the online test will be invited to interviews in person later in 2010.

You can’t be a Jeopardy contestant if you have ever been on the show before in the last 10 years, or if you have been a contestant on any reality or game show in the last year, or on three or more game/reality/dating shows in the past 10 years.

More information on who is eligible for the Jeopardy Online Test can be found by clicking here.

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