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Johnny Depp Dead? Another Celebrity Death Hoax?

Johnny Depp dead? Did Johnny Depp Die? Is Captain Jack Sparrow really dead, or is Johnny Depp joining the ranks of Lil Wayne, Miley Cyrus, Nick Jonas and Eminem? Well, as this post is being written, there’s no word on Fox News of Johnny Depp’s death.  If the rumors were really true, it would be like Brittany Murphy’s death and we would hear all the major media sources talking about it.

Rumor has it that Johnny Depp died in a car accident.  You would think that people would become a little more creative with these celebrity death hoaxes.  The only one that was creative during the last few months was the Nick Jonas death hoax.

Was Eminem killed in a car accident?

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Nick Jonas was said to have died after a diabetes induced heart attack after receiving a lap dance at a strip club in Dallas.  Only – Nick Jonas is under 18.  At least the person that started that rumor has a little creativity.

For those that are still having trouble reading between the lines, JOHNNY DEPP DID NOT DIE.  Johnny Depp was not involved in a car accident.  Captain Jack Sparrow will live on for yet another day.

The Johnny Depp death rumors are usually fueled through outlets such as Twitter, claiming that “credible” sources such as “CNN” are reporting the death.  Here’s a hint – CNN Source is NOT affiliated with CNN.  If you hear of a celebrity death, check out and see if their home page mentions anything of the issue.  If not, you risk falling victim to a death hoax.

    8 Responses to “Johnny Depp Dead? Another Celebrity Death Hoax?”

    1. Sparrow_Fan says:

      You can also check Apparently, a similar hoax went around during 2007 (only it was said that he died due to smoking related causes).

      Here’s the link if anyone is interested:

    2. johnnydeppL0V3R.* says:

      HES NOT DEAD, hes a great actor and will live on!

    3. unknown says:

      are you people crazy to publish something like this. this shows how uncaring you are about this actor. you should be dead. this man has a family ,what if they read this how would you feel if it happened to yours.

    4. shery says:

      you sick people how can you publish such arumor (dead) shame on you this man is amazing and all you can do is killing him

    5. Me says:

      I know it is a lie, and like any good joke, by way of compensation of a personal grievance, the defiant bi.tch strikes again. He is staying at my house for a while and having fun as children.

    6. Me says:

      Today we are going to share a whole chicken together and throw the lovely bones to the dog and enjoy life the way of dog knows how.

    7. MG says:

      Why do people spread this crap; it’s pretty pathetic if you ask me (which you’re not of course, but you get the general point yeah?!)

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