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The Day Obamacare Died A Brown Victory Video Parody

The Day Obamacare died is a video that is gaining popularity in the wake of the election of Scott Brown.  The Day Obamacare died is sung to the popular tune “American Pie”, which features the lyrics “The Day the Music Died.”  The reasoning behind the video is that Brown is against healthcare reform, and his election makes it that much more difficult for Democrats to push healthcare reform through Congress.

Prior to Scott Brown’s election, the Democrats filled enough seats to avoid a filibuster.  Now, they risk a filibuster should the healthcare bill go to vote.  This doesn’t mean that healthcare reform isn’t possible – it just means that it is that much harder.

While it’s not sure that Obamacare is really dead, the election puts out a very big message.  Democrats that are up for re-election in the 2010 midterms are likely re-thinking their direction and trying to figure out ways to keep their constituents happy.

Below is the “The Day Obamacare died” video. What do you think?

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