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Pants on the Ground Video An American Idol Audition Success (video here)

Pants on the Ground video is an American Idol audition success.  General Larry Platt’s “Pants on the Ground” video can be seen here, and for those that haven’t seen it – it is hilarious.  62 year old General Larry Platt is said to have marched alongside Martin Luther King, Jr during the Civil Rights movement. Now, he’s singing about “Pants on the Ground.”  View the “Pants on the Ground” video below to see what the hype is.

The inspiration for the “Pants on the Ground” video was a young man walking down the road with sagging pants.  After taking part in the Civil Rights movement, seeing that inspired the General to write his breakout song to embarass the youth walking around with sagging pants.

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For those that are curious or who are unfamiliar with American Idol, the General isn’t qualified to participate in the competition. You see, he’s 62 years old and the age cutoff is 28 to participate.  Still yet, American Idol judge Simon Cowell says that he is “afraid” we will see more of the General in days to come.

“The View” has already booked the 62 year old former Civil Rights activist for their Monday show.  Jimmy Fallon even broke in to the song “Pants on the Ground” whlie doing an impression of Neil Diamond.

General Larry Platt’s “Pants on the Ground” video is such a success that there are already products popping up on eBay.  The viral status of the video has created a hype that no one expected to come from this 62 year old man. Click here to view the products for sale on eBay.

Will General Larry Platt’s fame from the American Idol “Pants on the Ground” video be short lived, or is he going to be the next breakout star?  Will he join the ranks of Susan Boyle in fame?

The Atlanta auditions of American Idol were great.  Season 9 is going to be a bittersweet season. After all, Paula Abdul is gone (and replaced by Ellen Degeneres, who will join the show when the live portion starts to air) and Simon Cowell is on the way out.

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