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Coach Lovie Smith and Tennessee Contract

Lovie Smith TN Coach Contract After the news of former Tennessee head coach Lane Kiffin’s announcement to abdicate the Volunteers and take up position with University of Southern California came out, rumors have been swirling in the locker room about the successor. So who is the man most apt to fill the big shoes left behind ex TN coach? Believe it not but Lovie Smith’s name is doing the rounds.

According to my resources on the college campuses and recruiters, Chicago Bears coach name is being peddled around as the man most likely to take the baton from Lane Kiffin.

The rumors have been further given a life of their own after it was reported that coach Lovie Smith was approached by the University of Tennessee officials. For the record, no representatives from either side have made an official comment on this episode. But if indeed this thing falls according to the plan, don’t forget where you heard it first.

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Looking at the trend, this offer to Lovie Smith is not totally out of the blue. University of TN and Chicago Bears coach Lovie Smith share some sort of a on and off relationship and this is not the first time he has been linked to TN. Back in 2008, when the previous coach Philip Fulmer was fired unceremoniously, Lovie Smith’s name again popped up to take on the job as a replacement. But we all know how that panned out, Lovie decided he wanted to stick around with Bears.

How its going to pan out now remains to be seen. Whom are you rooting for? Do you think TN is making a good decision and whether Lovie should move on from Bears and accept this offer? Lovie Smith gotta have some price and if the salary is right, it might help tilt the scales in favor of TN. Lets see!

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