Michael C Hall Cancer: A Battle for Dexter

Michael C Hall cancer, a battle for Dexter:  for those of you who are not familiar with Michael C. Hall, he is the star of Showtime’s hot series “Dexter.”  Michael C Hall plays a Miami PD blood splatter analyst/serial killer in the series. 

It was recently announced that Hall has been treated for Hodgekin’s Lymphoma, which is a treatable cancer.  It is said that his treatments are almost done, appear successful and that he is in remission.

The actor will be at the Golden Globe awards on Sunday night.  Dexter is up fo two awards, and hopefully they will walk away with something.

For Golden Globe nominations list, click here.

Season 4 of Dexter ended with a shocker.  Many people have been talking about the show for weeks, wondering how the next season will play out.  For those that haven’t seen the final episode in the series, let’s just say that it’s truly something that isn’t exactly expected.

According to Cancer.gov, the symptoms of Hodgekin’s lymphoma are “the painless enlargement of lymph nodes, spleen, or other immune tissue…fever, weight loss, fatigue, or night sweats.”

There are over8,500 new cases of the disease during 2009 and only a little over 1,500 deaths.

It’s been said that the cancer can either be cured or treated for many years.

Our thoughts are with Michael C. Hall and his family during this time.  Many people love this actor and send well wishes his way.



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