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Gabriel Johnson is Missing: A Baby Missing After Mother Found

Gabriel Johnson is missing.  Gabriel Johnson is an 8 month old baby that went missing. The last day he was seen was with his mother around San Antonio Texas on December 26th.  Since then, his mother has been found, only he is still missing.

So where is Gabriel Johnson? Tempe, Arizona police believe the young boy is still alive.  However, a lot of people think that Gabriel Johnson isn’t only missing, he’s dead too.

Elizabeth Johnson is Gabriel’s 23 year old mother.  It has been reported that she called the baby’s father and told him that she killed their son and placed him in a diaper pail in San Antonio.  Later, she said she left her babywith a couple in San Antonio.

Police also discovered discarded baby clothes and a car seat in San Antonio, which leads some to believe that the baby is dead. After all, who would discard these things if they were still needed?

Still yet, there’s hope and people are really keeping their fingers crossed that just maybe Gabriel Johnson’s mother simply handed him over to a loving couple that would take care of him.

So why was this young mother on the run? She was in the middle of a heated custody battle with the baby’s father. She failed to appear in court on December 28, losing custody of her son. She wanted Jack and Tammi Smith to adopt the young boy, but his father wouldn’t sign the paperwork. He didn’t want to relinquish his rights to his son.

The Smiths say that Elizabeth Johnson wanted to stay on the run, as she didn’t want the father to have custody of the baby.

So where is Gabriel Johnson? All we know right now is that he is missing.

Gabriel Johnson is missing, and if you can help find him call 1-800-THE-LOST

    22 Responses to “Gabriel Johnson is Missing: A Baby Missing After Mother Found”

    1. Veronica says:

      Maybe Nancy Grace of CNN did something to the tot like Nancy is alleged to have done to the tot of Casey Anthony many months ago. We can only hope that Nancy Grace is not yet again involved in another victim’s death. Her jealousy over never being a victim of any crime in her lifetime is truly affecting her ability to function at all.

      • Jess says:

        In response to the previous post by Veronica, exactly what type of ludicrous,not to mention libelous and slanderous comment did you just publicly post? Exactly where did you receive your information that led you to believe any ounce of what you posted to be true or fact? Every single, last detail you have posted is not only ludicrous, slanderous, and libelous, it more importantly is 100% untrue, false, and a lie. If you take each indivdual sentence and look at them each one by one. You will see that each is untrue, false and a bold face lie. Stating that several months ago it was alleged that NG had “done something to tot of Casey Anthony”. That statement is untrue,false,ludicrous,slanderous&libelous. Stating that “we can only hope that NG is not involved in ANOTHER victim’s death”. That statement also untrue,false,ludicrous,slanderous &libelous.Also who is “we”that you are speaking of that shares your belief?Lastly your comment”her jealousy of never being a victim of any crime…”That once again is untrue,false,and a bold face lie.So,where did you receive such BS info?And who else shares your same deranged&ludicrous thoughts(in response to your use of the term “we”)I’m anxious to hear what ludicrous lie you come up with as an answer to any of my questons pertaining to your BS post,Veronica.

        • Veronica says:

          Sorry Jess to startle your incompetence about the crimes documented against your Nancy Grace. I only rely upon factual and proven facts about that Predator. Your incompetence has no bearing upon the facts, or of this missing child for that matter. Perhaps you can return here to post a comment that accurately reflects the true facts, instead of your unfounded and ludicrouse admiraionanl compliments to a known killer of victims.

        • Veronica says:

          Your unfamiliarity with Law and the facts of this case is apparent to all of us that are well informed. You do not need to denegrate yourself Jess or make yourself look even more uninformed. Thanks anyways, but I will remain with the proven facts. :)

        • Veronica says:

          The docu,emted facts against Predator Nancy Grace speak well for themselves. No additional explanation is necessary to any educated and informed viewer. A prison cell for Nancy is the only addition thing needed at this point, and it’s a’comin. :)

        • pak31 says:

          Jess, this poster is talking in circles using big words to impress and vent their anger. It’s sad that some people are so mean to others. I agree with you though, I thought the same thing that you said in your comment that basically none of it makes any sense.

    2. pak31 says:

      Wow, Veronica, nice way to talk to people. Who are you that you are above us and can be mean? Yet Nancy Grace is a bully? Right. WHy can’t bloggers/posters talk intelligently to one another? I personally have never heard that Nancy Grace had anything to do with Caylee Anthony? What are you even referring to? THat NG had something to do with the murder? You claim to have all the facts yet you haven’t shown proof of those facts. Nancy Grace is one person in a world of billions, and you are letting that bother you? If she IS a predator, and you have documented proof of that then instead of beating up a poster, go to the authorities. THere is just so much more to life than NG. I actually find it comical that people let her get under their skin. THere are so many more cruel people in this world than NG.

      • Missy says:

        Sounds like Pako is afraid to look up the facts which will prove Veronica to be correct. hehehehe It is a little funny to see some like Paco struggle to try to show they actually know what they are blabbing about. But, fortunately, the facts of the case prove V. to be right on target. Thanks Veronica!

    3. James says:

      Veronica…Did you forget to take your med’s this morning?

      • Kelly clark says:

        James, it looks like you just did a Pak31-attack against Veronica. Don’t let facts that you are still unaware of continue to frighten you so much. Hopefully you will finally learn the facts of this case soon, we all pray.

        • Melanie says:

          umm…Kelly…what are you talking about. Have you searched??? Nancy Grace was critizied once for being harsh on a female guest who later committed suicide. That’s it as far as her ever being accused of having anything to do with anyone’s death. Be real…Casey Anthony and this other young girl sadly probably both killed their children. It is a hilarious notion though – a tv personality killing for ratings.

          • Kelly clark says:

            Don’t worry Melanie, there are many people like you that do not know or understand the facts of the case, and continue to shove their foot into their own mouths. I, instead, just rely upon proven facts. :)

            • Kelly clark says:

              I love these smiley faces. :) Thanks to those that formulated them, it can brighten up things, especially when there are so many uninformed people around here.

    4. Debwv says:

      Either she one of Cindys friends or been drinking the A’s Kool-aid to long.You come one here babble about things you claim to know,but still can’t tell us where you got the info? You need to see a shrink!

    5. Deb says:

      So, is it true that Nancy Grace may have harmed this Gabriel Johnson family too? (Why isn’t she locked up yet for the crimes she’s done?)

    6. Pak31 says:

      Yes, Deb, it’s true.

    7. Hocuspocus says:

      ROFL, This is an internet flamer, and not even a good one at that. Veronica not only has no Idea what she is talking about but her grasp of the English language and its composition is tenuous at best.
      This is so amusing I sent it to Nancy Grace, I think she will get a huge kick out of this nonsense.
      Veronica, please write more, I haven’t laughed until I cried for years but your post has changed all that.

    8. buhl oney says:

      Uhm, excuse me for interjecting myself into this conversation that you seem to be having with your “selves” Veronica. (ie, Kelly, Missy et al…)

      but you have a little um, bit of bull$hit there on your lip. No, over a little, there. As long as you don’t open your mouth again, I think you’re good.

    9. amanda says:

      I pray that this baby is Alright, and if he’s not and he is an Angel now I hope we find out soon enough! I also found some actaul pictures ona Tempe Arizona News channel of baby Gabriel while in San Antonio. He looks unhappy nothing like all of the Sweet photos on Nanxu Gracy. I do love NG but I feel like she is alittle behind on this case! #1 the reason the baby was scared and acting strange with the sitter was prob. Bc hed never in his short life met her. I’d be scared too. I hope this little nab is okay for his families sake!

    10. Jennifer says:


      On a serious note, I hope she didn’t kill little Gabriel. It doesn’t sound very promising, but let’s keep some hope up… :o(

    11. erika says:

      Ok wait….Nancy Grace is that lady on tv. I seen her shows. I heard about how one of the ladies she interviewed (who had something to do with her childs death) killed herself afterwards, but if you ask me she must of had a guilty conscious (sp) So whats this other stuff the posters are talking about that NG has done? I havent heard of any of that.


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