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Paula Sladewski Murder: Authorities Look at Surveillance Cameras for Clues In Playboy Model’s Death

Paula Sladewski murder: authorities are looking at surveillance cameras for clues in the Paula Sladewski Playboy model death murder case.  Sladewski was featured in a Playboy talent video in 2003 and was found burning in a dumpster in Miami.  It took authorities two days to identify her, and they had to use dental records to do so.

There is a person of interest in the case.  Her boyfriend Kevin Klym is said to have had a tumuluous relationship with Paula Sladewski, and some of their fights even turned violent.  The couple lived in Michigan and California.  On the night of Sladewski’s murder, Klym was kicked out of a Miami nightclub because of an argument.  He never seen his girlfriend alive again.

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Police are looking at surveillance videos for clues.  According to NBC Miami, one video shows the Playboy model walking out of a Miami nightclub shortly after 7:00 am. A man wearing a black suit was seen following her.

Nearly 14 hours later, Playboy model Paula Sladewski was found burning in a dumpster.  Authorities assume she was already dead before she was set ablaze.

Authorities are hoping to get a suspect in the case.  After all, they have one person of interest but that’s not enough to stop searching for leads.  Family members oftentimes pleaded with the Playboy model to dump her boyfriend, but she wouldn’t because she said they loved each other.

Kevin Klym is open to taking a lie detector test.  He is considered a person of interest only because he was the last known person to see her alive.


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