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Colt McCoy Injury Update: McCoy Back at BCS Championship Sidelines

Alabama Texas Fans CheerleadersColt McCoy injury update: Texas Longhorn quarterback Colt McCoy is back on the field, encouraging his team during their match against the Crimson Tide.  Colt McCoy’s injury took place when he took a helmet to his throwing shoulder during the first four minutes of the game.

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So far, the loss of McCoy could be to blame for the beating that the Longhorns are taking against the Crimson Tide.  A true freshman has taken over Colt McCoy, a two time Heisman Trophy nominee’s, spot – and things aren’t looking so hot.

Even though Colt McCoy’s injury wasn’t serious enough to send him to the hospital, he’s not going to play during the rest of the game.  With a 13-0 record, the injury could cost his team their unbeaten streak.

Alabama has taken football by storm this year, and is even responsible for the meltdown of Tim Tebow – who was seen crying after Florida’s loss to Alabama at the SEC championship game.

So far, Colt McCoy’s x-rays are said to be negative, and that the shoulder injury could be a sprain.  The trainers won’t let him back in the game, as they need to make sure that they confirm that the injury isn’t serious.  After all, this young man has a possible NFL career to worry about!

For now, Colt McCoy’s injury doesn’t appear to be too awful bad. Let’s just hope it doesn’t have permanent repercussions for the promising young football player.

    20 Responses to “Colt McCoy Injury Update: McCoy Back at BCS Championship Sidelines”

    1. notexasnoalabama says:

      Really? Colt McCoy says it’s gods plan that he was hurt? God didn’t even know about football until humans invented it.

      Colt, you got hurt, deal with it, it wasn’t gods plan. You’re not standing on any rock. What rock are you talking about? Moses is dead. Give it up man! Gilbert did a good job and you got hurt. Injuries happen. We’ve seen it! god doesn’t happen! When have you seen god in action?

      Gods plan my butt!

      • secfootballman says:

        “when has Colt McCoy seen God in action?” well lets see, he’s talented enough to be playing in a BCS Championship Game and have a future in the NFL making millions. If he thinks his faith in God got him there then don’t knock it.. Freedom of relgion as.sh0le..He’s gonna be making millions playing football and your gonna be sitting behind a computer screen in your sorry existence berateing everyone else for your own inadequacies..get a life pric.k.

      • TurboPilot says:

        You are an idiot!
        That is one of the dumbest things I’ve ever heard somone say. Seriously!
        Now Colt McCoy isn’t saying he is happening… he is saying stuff happens. Its just part of life, he did get injured, and it SUCKS because they would have had a fighting chance against ‘Bama. Would you have rather seen him crying like Tebow? All respect to Tebow as well but McCoy went out with the same attitude as he has had. You need to think before you make posts man.

      • yayaintexas says:

        i agree mccoy got hurt, but don’t blame it on God, you fool! Some big dude whacked his helmet into his throwing arm/shoulder and he was taken out of the game for the sake of his future career! that’s probably why they called daddy into the dressing room to discuss the ramifications on his career if he continued playing! God could have cared less about tonight’s game because if he did, Texas would have won!!!!

        • Al says:

          Your an idiot yayaintexas….that’s not what Colt meant…man, there are some really stupid folks here…did you even graduate from High School? Go ahead and do your sister like you always do and just relax..

      • Riddle says:

        God and football, simply put, do not mix. I know football players like to immortalize their games, but…

        They’re /games/. Chill out.

        I’ll connect God to healers or teachers or people who actually make the world a better place.

        • Believer says:

          Riddle … You have no clue as to what purpose He has for anyone in this earthly life. Moses lived to be 120 years old… who knew at 22 years of age, as the son of egyptian royalty, he would become God’s deliverer of Jews. Or Joseph’s rise from slave/jail-bird to second highest ruler in Egypt.

          When a person states publicly and prominently his faith in God, before millions of people, TRUE believers take notice. Does he “walk the walk”?

          You must admit, you have no idea what God’s intentions are for Colt or his affect on others. You are putting God into a box when you restrict Him to your abbreviated perceptions.

      • Longhorn says:

        Mccoy was paid off…

      • Al says:

        Hey, just relax notexasnoalabama…..just because you have no spirituality yourself doesn’t mean that others don’t. You’re an uneducated hill billy with no compassion so just go ahead and continue to drink your Bud Lights and beat your girlfriend when you need to feel like a man….

    2. texas fan says:

      colt mccoy faked the injury.because he knew his draft stock would go down after he got his butt kicked by just praying he dont end up playing for an nfl team that i like….

      • bama baby says:

        u kno i agree somewhat. but i also think he is fragile and his nfl career as a heroe wont be what is expected. he will suffer injuries and possible play for 10 years or so if he can make it this far… good qb but never been too impressed

    3. Riddle says:

      Mm I feel bad for Colt McCoy, but the rest of the Texas team should have stepped up and played harder in his absence. They didn’t. That’s why they lost.

      It wasn’t God’s Will or some kind of “behind the scenes” NFL politics. When a player of his magnitude (meaning his public status) gets injured, red flags are raised because no one wants his career to come to an end. I can see why they were cautious, but it’s still a bit disappointing that it was only a sprain.

      He could have gone back in with a sprain. Pathetic.

      Then again, if a 300 pound guy hit me, I wouldn’t want to go back in either. XD

    4. Texas fan, too! says:

      Hey, the guy is just clearly choked up about his demise tonight. If he wants to count on God for emotional support, then let him! It was HIS night to shine and an unfortunate injury sidelined him – how he deals with his emotions from this episode is, and always will be, his own perogative. Keep in mind that we all have our “rock” to help us get through such blows to our emotions, by the way. And, Colt is no different!

    5. Longhorn for life says:

      We all know if Colt would have not been injured on the 5th offensive play UT would have beaten the hell out of Alabama. It’s unfortunate that we had to put in a backup quarterback that’s straight out of high school with no experience in big games. His performance showed some good qualities for the future, but his lack of experience definitely showed after turning the ball over with 4 interceptions and a fumble that sealed the victory for Alabama. The first interception thrown caused UT to miss out on 3 points, the second one led to 7 points for Alabama right before the half, the fumble was not entirely his fault but if he was experienced he would have been able to read the defense more effectively and protected his blind side, the third interception led to Alabama scoring the final points of the game while running up the score when ll they had to do was down the ball with a knee, and the fourth interception was a desperate pass. If you can do math at a 5th grade level, you would be smart enough to figure out how many points UT lost based on turnovers and how many points Alabama gained. It’s very clear that the young inexperienced quarterback was a huge factor in why they lost the game along with some poor choices made by the coaching staff. It’s ok, UT still has next year to run the table. I will give Bama credit for capitalizing off the Longhorn mistakes.

    6. bama baby says:

      colt mccoy is a good quarteback but like taxas fan put it i hope he doesnt end up on my fav nfl team. hes like glass. u gotta be careful when you play him. he may be the most accurate quarterback in college football histary but definately not the toughest. for this i think he wont be a first round pick mabe not a second. he can throw no doubt but how far can u take ure team with an arm that is out of service. not to a national championship. i wish him luck. who all will agree tho tebow will be a 1st round pick and he didnt make it to the championship this year and this wasnt his best year grnt it he had an awsome last game but consistancy and toughness is all equaly important as their arm. mccoy doesnt have this in my eyes.

    7. Yo mamma says:

      Texas fan, too! says let him “cope” with events in his own way. That’s fine. Let him pray to a zombie god, shake some chicken bones, rub some burned plant on his head, drink the blood of his master, stroke the belly of a platypus while chanting….I don’t really care.

      But if he puts his effeminate but on the idiot box talking about how everyone else in the world is not only wrong but damned to spend all eternity burning in some place called hell then he opens himself up to public scrutiny such as this post.

      Personally, I hope he’s fine and gets to have his bright career. I just hope he can remember that if he does well, it’s more to the credit of ordinary people (fans, friends, coaches, family, etc) and not due to some magical being. Some of these people may get insulted when he tells us that his way is the right way and the only way.

      Good luck Colt!!

    8. steve says:

      I too think that Mccoy’s injury looks fishy….He had the exact same injury in 2007 also in 1st quarter of play….Texas A&M fans call him “cart mccoy”…maybe he likes the attention that comes with injury…or he just plain choked….I don’t know…I do know if I was playing in the BCS championship and my team needed me, I’m playing the rest of the game…no coach, doctor or parent is gonna stop me…

    9. texas fan says:

      I agree with steve,If i played for the bcs championship and millions of fans were watching me and pulling for texas.i would feel obligated to go out and play.not to mention all the fans that drove all the way to california to watch seemed awful suspicious to me that when first came back to the sidelines he was clapping his hands and moving his arm all over the place.i noticed to alot of his own teammates were”nt even talking to him..seems suspicious…

    10. hope says:

      I was saddened by him throwing down the towel so easily. I feel he was not a team player or living the moment, as he stated he was thinking of his NFL career. Regardless if they won or lost he still had a future with NFL, I just thought he would’ve wanted a championship under his belt to just have in his life time. That’s a once in a lifetime that real players would die for…it was not gods plan, he had a choice..

    11. BigTexas says:

      Ur kidding right…Colt wanted to come back in the game but knew he wouldn’t be able to do anything to help the longhorns when he had a ****ed up arm. Im very saddend that he wasnt able to finsh the game because he would have prob. pushed the longhorns to a win but he was doing the right thing by staying out and giving his team/family the best chance to win…Colt is a good hearted christian guy and i believe what he did was right…..HOOK ‘EM HORNS


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