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Kim Peek, the Real Rainman Dies, and Funeral Held Tuesday

Kim Peek, the real Rainmain died last week after suffering a heart attack at the age of 58 years old.  Most people remember Kim Peek as the character played by Dustin Hoffman in the 1988 film “Rainman”, Raymond Babbitt.

Kim Peek had a photographic memory and started reading and memorizing books at the young age of 16-20 months. He would read a book, memorize it,and then place it on the shelf upside down so that he would know that he already read it.  It would take him about one hour to read a book, and he would read the left page with his left eye and right page with his right eye so that he could in essence read two pages at once.

Despite his incredible talent, he still scored well below average on IQ tests, and did not walk until the age of four.  Kim Peek, the real Rainman also had difficulty performing tasks requiring motor skills.

The real Rainman lived to be 58 years old, and died on December 19th at a hospital in Utah, where he lived.

The screenwriter of Rainman, Barry Morrow, allowed Kim Peek to take the Oscar he won for the movie to him to the many appearances that were booked.  The appearances are said to have boosted his morale.

Kim Peek’s funeral will be held on December 29th at the Taylorsville Stake Center in Salt Lake City, Utah.


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