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Christina Aguilera Car Accident: Aguilera and Assistant Involved in Rear End Collision

Christina Aguilera car accident: Singer Christina Aguilera and her assistant were involved in a rear-end collision.  Aguilera was allowing her assistant to drive her car.  According to TMZ and other breaking reports, the damages done to the vehicle were minor and there were no complaints of injuries.

Depending on who the singer’s vehicle rear-ended, the fender bender may prove to be very expensive.

Christina Aguilera will be hosting a party at the TAO on New Year’s Eve in Las Vegas.

She is currently not under tour.

Her single “Genie in a Bottle” went up to the Billboard 100, and was the most successful airplay only song of all time.

The breaking story of her car accident is still developing.  It is said that she left the scene of the accident with her body guard, and her assistant stayed with the SUV.

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