Brittany Murphy Autopsy: Autopsy Inevitable Despite Brittany Murphy’s Husband’s Wishes

Brittany Murphy autopsy: Brittany Murphy died today due to a sudden cardiac arrest. Brittany Murphy’s autopsy is inevitable given her young age.  However, strange reports are surfacing via TMZ which indicate that Brittany’s husband doesn’t want the actress to have an autopsy.

One will still take place.  When young individuals die suddenly and unexpectedly, only an autopsy will paint a picture of what is going on.

TMZ also reports that Brittany Murphy’s mother has indicated that the actress has a history of diabetes.  Whether or not these reports are true or whether or not diabetes played a role in her death is uncertain.

Brittany Murphy’s autopsy will answer a lot of questions.  Was she anorexic? Was she on drugs? Did she have an untreated health problem? There are so many questions people want answered.

What I want answered is this; Why doesn’t Brittany Murphy’s husband want an autopsy?  Wouldn’t you want to know if a loved one died suddenly why they died? Something about this piece of information seems fishy.  Maybe he doesn’t want his wife’s death to drag out in the media, or maybe there is more to the story that will be uncovered.

We will keep you updated on late breaking news related to Brittany Murphy’s death and autopsy.

    4 Responses to “Brittany Murphy Autopsy: Autopsy Inevitable Despite Brittany Murphy’s Husband’s Wishes”

    1. Chrystal says:

      “What I want answered is this; Why doesn’t Brittany Murphy’s husband want an autopsy?”

      The reason her husband does not want an autopsy is because he is Jewish and it goes aganst kevod ha-meit – treating the dead with honor.
      There are only 2 reasons to ever have an autopsy
      1. When the physician claims that it could provide new knowledge that would help cure others suffering from the same disease;

      2. When the law of the land requires it.

      In general, Jewish tradition forbids autopsies on the grounds that the body is sacred and should not be violated after death.
      If there is a need for an autopsy there is only a short amount of time to do one in.
      It is not because he does not want to find out what Brittany died from. It is because he wants her soul to go to heaven.
      By the way Brittany had a heart murmur.

    2. squarepegroundhole says:

      My sincere sympathy to the immediate (blood) family.

      No autopsy is not surprising from “these people”, Hey, what about that Robert Downing movie Sherlock Holmes comes out December 25th. “Happy Holidays”

      Will any of you sheep ever really wake up?
      John 8:44:

    3. Suzanne says:


      What does “these people” mean? Does that mean Jewish people?

      Guess what? If you don’t approve of Jews or the way they respect their dead family members, then perhaps you should avoid seeing Sherlock Holmes. Two main actors in that are Jewish. So if “those people” bother you…..

    4. Bethany Merk says:

      Provost Dr. Tom Burish stated in the release that “While Notre Dame would have preferred to maintain its independence, the financial realities of the world of college football made the decision a necessity.” He also said that “The longstanding tradition of the schools in the Big 10 conference best fit that of the Irish program”, according to reports.


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