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4 Year Old Drunk: A 4 Year Old Drinking Beer and Wearing a Dress Steals Christmas

A 4 year old drunk drinking beer and wearing a dress was found wandering the streets of Chattanooga, TN at 1:45 am.  The 4 year old drunk wandered out of his mother’s home, grabbed a beer from a cooler in the backyard, and went on a miniature crime spree.  He rang a neighbor’s doorbell, then proceeded to go in to a house.  The 4 year old drunk stole 5 Christmas presents, one of them a brown girl’s dress.

The boy, named Hayden, put on the dress and continued wandering the streets.  His mother woke up frantic, worried that the worst happened to her son.  The police found him wearing a dress and sipping on a 12 oz can of beer.

The child’s mother, a 21 year old woman, doesn’t know how the boy even opened the beer because it’s a tab top.  She showed reporters that the boy had even managed to break the child-proof door locks in her home.

Is the boy a criminal by nature? Signs point that the child actually wanted to go to jail.  You see, his father is in jail and the 4 year old drunk thought that by going on his midnight crime spree, he would get to go to jail and be with his father.

In case you were wondering, the boy gets to stay with his mom.  Even though the story sounds really strange, Child Protective Services will allow him to stay placed with his mom.

The 4 year old drunk’s mother is embarrassed and feels like a failure.  It’s embarrassing for your child to break in to a neighbor’s house and steal Christmas presents.

The 4 year old drunk was treated at the hospital for alcohol poisoning. Hopefully, he won’t try to steal Christmas again.

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