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Tiger Woods Update: Another Alleged Payoff, Divorce Rumors, and More

TIGER WOODS UPDATE: Tiger Woods, another alleged payoff, and more is plaguing the pro-golfer that recently announced a sabbatical from his beloved sports.  Although today should be one of the happiest days of Tiger’s life (the AP named him “Athlete of the Decade), it wasn’t a good day.  Why not? There are talks on gossip sites such as Radar Online that Tiger may be paying off another alleged mistress.

Rumors recently circulated that Tiger Woods paid off Rachel Uchitel to keep quiet about their affair.  The same celebrity attorney that is representing Uchitel is also allegedly representing alleged cougar mistress Theresa Rogers.  In case you were wondering, Rogers is a whopping 47 years old! Many are speculating that a payoff to Theresa Rogers may be in the works.

An article by Radar Online raises speculation that Tiger may have fathered a child with Theresa Rogers.  It is rumored that his cougar mistress tried to have a baby with him.  At the time she conceived, her husband was infertile.  It is also noted that Rogers was seeing “several” men at the time, and that paternity tests were never taken.

In addition, even more reports are circulating that Elin Nordegren Woods has had enough and is ready to divorce Tiger. No official announcement has been made.

As for Tiger Woods, he’s not speaking out about anything and his closest friends Charles Barkley and Michael Jordan can’t even get a hold of him. It’s hard to tell what each and every new day will bring.   It’s kind of sad how a day that should be such a great day for Tiger isn’t so great.

Did Tiger Woods father a love child? What else is there that we don’t know about the golfer?

See Theresa Rogers pictures here.


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