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San Fernando Valley Hospital Shooting: A Shooting at Los Angeles area Hospital

The San Fernando Valley hospital shooting just happened, according to an AP wire that came out at 8:48 PM CST.  So far, there are no deaths in the San Fernando Valley hospital shooting, but there is one man that has been injured.  The suspect is believed to still be on the scene.

The shooting happened at the Valley Presbyterian Hospital in Van Nuys.  The incident happened when someone walked in the lobby and started shooting.  There could be as many as three more victims.

The hospital shooting takes place not too long after the Fort Hood Massacre and the Orlando Area office shooting.  As the economy worsens, it wouldn’t be surprising if violence gets worse.

There’s no indicated motive for the shooting, and no word about the age or descriptions of the victim(s).  There’s also not any information on the suspect.

Even though a shooting is always a horrible event, the fact that it happens around the same time as the holiday season makes it even worse.

Hopefully the hospital shooting victims will be okay and hopefully police will apprehend the suspect soon.

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