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Tiger Woods Alleged Mistress: A Bold Claim by Alleged Mistress Cori Rist

Tiger Woods alleged mistress Cori Rist appeared on the ‘Today Show.’ Cori Rist, Tiger Woods alleged mistress isn’t the first alleged mistress to speak out.  It seems like with each and every mistress that steps forward, we learn more and more about golf’s former golden boy.  It seems like the old mantra rings true – Things aren’t always what they seem.

Cori Rist had a tearful apology aimed towards Elin Woods.  As a mother of a 7 year old, Rist knows that the affair she had with Tiger Woods really hurt the mother of his children.  Cori also offered a piece of insight about Woods, stating that he “has a way to make you believe that he’s a very honest and good man… I don’t think he’s an honest man.”

Tiger Woods alleged mistress Jamie Jungers had a different attitude at her interview.  She refused to apologize to Elin Woods and appeared to be very bitter about the entire alleged affair.  As Tiger’s mistress, Jungers claims that Tiger never helped her out financially – even when she really needed it. All she was left with was a broken heart.

Jaimee Grubbs has also spoken publicly about the Tiger Woods alleged affair.  In fact, it is Grubbs that we can thank for the infamous tell-tale voice mail that featured Tiger Woods asking Jaimee to take her name off her phone.

Tiger Woods alleged mistresses will keep coming out of the woodwork. Before the whole scandal is completely dead, there will be plenty of tearful interviews, memoirs, magazine articles and more.

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