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Google Phone: Google Nexus One Expected to be a hit for Google

The Google phone, aka “Nexus One” is expected to be a big hit for Google.  The Google phone will be sold by the Web site directly, instead of through cell phone providers.  How the Google phone business model works out will be interesting, as many times phone manufacturers strike deals with specific providers who then use the phones to lure customers to their plans.

Take for instance the Apple iPhone. The iPhone has had the biggest hype up until the Droid was announced. The iPhone is available only through AT&T, and many people switched providers just to be able to have the exclusive phone.

On the other hand, the Google Phone Nexus One will be available to purchase and then customers have the flexibility to purchase whatever plan they desire.  This is great for Google and great for consumers, as they will have the freedom to keep their phone and make their own choices.

What type of features will be on the new Google phone?  So far, all that is known is that the Google Phone will feature a high resolution OLED display, snapdragon CPU, and microphone.  It is rumored that it will run on the Google Android operating system.

Given the fact that Google has the capability of real-time searches, and many other features the Google Phone is expected to be the best phone on the market.  Many are very excited for its release.  I know I am.

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Can you wait for the Google Phone, Nexus One?

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