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Tiger Woods Updates: A Big Decision, Playgirl Mistress, and More Updates for Tiger Woods

TIGER WOODS UPDATES: It’s been a big day in the Tiger Woods saga.  Not only has alleged mistress Jamie Jungers spoken out about the affair, and another alleged mistress been identified, but Tiger Woods made a shocking announcement that he is taking a break from golf.

Have you heard Tiger Woods updates that are so earth shattering? Tiger Woods quitting golf is the equivalent of him giving up everything that made him what he is.

Jamie Jungers gave her own Tiger Woods updates today on ‘Today’ and told the world that she doesn’t owe Tiger’s wife Elin an apology for the affair.  She also told the world that she didn’t get anything from Tiger Woods except for a broken heart.

Another alleged mistress surfaced today. Sicilian Playboy Cyber Girl Loredana Jolie has been rumored to have links to Tiger Woods.  Some reports are indicating that Tiger Woods has up to 15 alleged mistresses.

What’s next in the Tiger Woods scandal? What will the next Tiger Woods updates bring? There’s some speculation that at least one of the alleged mistresses (but not one that has been identified) has tried to get pregnant with Tiger Woods’ child.  So far, no love children have surfaced, but that could change.  After all, we never in a million years thought that Tiger Woods would quit golf. Now, anything is possible.

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