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Tiger Woods Women List A List of Alleged Mistresses

The Tiger Woods Women list seems to be growing each and every day. The Tiger Woods women list includes 5 women that remain unnamed. Out of the unnamed women on the Tiger Woods women list, 1 is an Orlando area cocktail waitress, and another is a British TV personality.

In addition to the 5 unnamed women, there are 8 women that have become very popular in the news. They are: Rachel Uchitel, Jaimee Grubbs, Kalika Moquin, Jameie Jungers, Mindy Lawton, Cori Rist, Holly Sampson and Joslyn James. Of the women on the Tiger Woods women list, 2 of them are a porn stars. After news broke that Tiger was associated with porn stars, it seemed as if all of a sudden sponsors grew nervous.

The first lady on the Tiger Woods women list is Rachel Uchitel. She is a VIP hostess from New York.  This young woman was the center of a media blitz after Tiger Woods’ November 27th car accident.

The second woman on the Tiger Woods women list is Jaimee Grubbs.  Grubbs was on VH1’s reality TV show Tool Academy, and met Tiger Woods when she was a cocktail waitress in Las Vegas.  Jaimee Grubbs released voicemail messages and text messages from Tiger Woods to Us Magazine, thus opening a big can of worms that is still running rampant.

Kalika Moquin and Jamie Jungers are #3 and #4 on the list.  Kalika is a Las Vegas night club executive and Jamie Jungers is a Las Vegas cocktail waitress.

Mindy Lawton is the fifth women on the Tiger Woods women list. She’s a waitress from the Orlando area that serviced Tiger and Elin at the Perkins where they frequently had breakfast.

Cori Rist is alleged Tiger Woods mistress #6.  She’s a New York club goer that is dubbed one of Tigers’ favorite travel companions.

Holly Sampson and Joslyn James are Tiger Woods mistresses #7 and #8 – both are porn stars.

There’s the Tiger Woods women list. How many more will be added before the scandal is over? Only time will tell.

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