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Tiger Woods Update: Tiger Woods Breaking News Advertisers Drop Him as Mistresses Talk

A Tiger Woods update is almost required every couple of hours.  Today, the Tiger Woods breaking news includes a plethora of advertisers and sponsors distancing themselves from Tiger Woods, mistresses givingtell-tale interviews, and a porn star’s tape discussing she and Tiger’s sexual escapades was uncovered.  On top of all this, there’s talk that Tiger Woods’ endorsements are in jeopardy and that he has left his Windermere, Florida residence.

Can you blame Tiger Woods if he did, indeed flee? This Tiger Woods update includes advertisers pulling back from him.  Some of his $100 million a year in endorsements are frozen, as people are trying to figure out what’s behind the scandal.  Could there be much, much more to the story that makes it worse than it already is? Only time will tell.

Jaimee Grubbs gave an interview on the Today Show this morning, and another interview yesterday on Entertainment Tonight.  Last night, she issued Tiger Woods’ wife a tearful apology for “not even considering” her during the course of the alleged affair.

Today, Jaimee Grubbs gives a unique twist to the Tiger Woods update.  Jaimee Grubbs indicated that she never loved Tiger and she doesn’t think he ever loved her.  This is a very different picture than was painted when some speculated that she came forward to Us Weekly out of jealousy that Tiger had other mistresses besides her.

Holly Sampson, Tiger Woods’ alleged porn star mistress had a tape released back in May where she bragged about having a sexual encounter with Tiger Woods at his bachelor party.  Whether or not that is the extent of her involvement with Woods has yet to be proven.

Expect the Tiger Woods update to get more and more interesting as time goes on.  As mistresses come forward and talk, more dirt will be unearthed.

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