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Sammy Sosa Face Change: Did Sammy Sosa’s Face Really Change?

The Sammy Sosa face change is controversial. Sammy Sosa’s face change is really a skin change.  Did Sammy Sosa’s face change, or is everyone just overreacting?  I think it’s the latter.

You see, if Sammy Sosa’s face changed, it would have to be a change in facial features and not just the color of his skin.  I will admit that his skin is a lot lighter than it used to be, but maybe that’s just the way he wanted it.  After all, it is his face.

You have to give it to Sammy Sosa for addressing this so-called “face change” head on.  He was man enough to admit that the cause of the lighter skin was because of a cream he applied to his face.  He didn’t try to pass the lightening off as an illness.

Sammy Sosa turns 41 next week, and instead of talking about all of the amazing things he has accomplished in his career, we are talking about his face change.  I guess that is another similarity that Mr. Sosa has with the late “King of Pop” Michael Jackson.  Instead of focusing on the two men’s amazing accomplishments, we focus on the color of their skin.

Some things will never change. Ever since Sammy Sosa’s picture was published showing much lighter skin, it’s been everything everyone has been talking about.   He’s a very talented man, and it’s sad that the public at large isn’t looking beyond the face change to speak about Sammy Sosa’s talent.

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