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Sammy Sosa Face Before and After: After Sammy Sosa Bleached Face, You See He Was Much Darker Before

Sammy Sosa face before and after is hot. Sammy Sosa face before and after shows Sammy Sosa before and after he bleached his skin.  You heard me right – the aspiring Baseball-Hall-of-Famer admittedly bleached his skin.

Sammy Sosa applied a cream that was supposed to soften his skin.  Instead, it lightened his skin several shades.  The change of his face before and after spurned the internet rumor mill.  People started to wonder if Sammy Sosa was the next Michael Jackson.

You have to give it to the retired baseball player – he came right out and admitted what he did.  He didn’t blame his lightened complexion on an illness, and he didn’t ignore the fact that everyone was talking about his skin tone.  He admitted that he used a cream, and that the cream bleached his face.

I don’t understand why Sammy Sosa’s before and after pictures are so controversial.  Light skinned people do plenty of things to make their skin appear darker.  They lie in tanning beds and wear lotions that temporarily darken the skin.  However, whenever a darker skinned person lightens their skin, it’s a controversy.

Enough with the double standard already! Sammy Sosa’s face before and after has the same level of handsomeness.  He’s still a nice looking guy – he’s just a little lighter.

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