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Eunuchs Retain Dignity As ‘Others’

EunuchsThe Election Commission has finally accorded respect and honour to the most neglected section of our society, the eunuchs and the transsexuals, by giving them an identity of their own. They no more have to fake as male or female to exercise their most important prerogative, the right to vote.

Initially as there were only 2 options ‘M’(male) and ‘F’ (female)  to be filled in their voter’s I card, they were left with no option but to enroll themselves as male and female. But now with the introduction of a third category, ‘others’, they can enroll themselves in the ‘O’ category.

This community , who are believed to have a strength of six million had been  suffering from an identity crisis, as they had been excluded and ostracized by the conservative society.

This decision is bound to be appreciated by the civil rights groups. In fact this welcome change can be introduced at all levels. Many individuals and interest groups had also approached the commissiom with this request.

During a recent visit of Chief Election Commissioner Navin Chawla to the Law faculty of  Kalinga Institute of Industrial Technology (KIIT) in Bhubaneshwar, Orissa. The students there specially requested him to enroll the eunuchs in the electoral roll with an identity of their own.

So when the matter was discussed the Election Commissioner said, “When the representation came, we readily agreed. Why should a section of the population be left out? The decision will help in mainstreaming a section of the population. I am sure even government would like to do the same”

It has also been decided by the Election Commission that this decision will be applicable in all the forms where the elector or the person filling the form has to fill in his sex.

Instructions have been sent out to all the state and Union territories to implement the decision with effect.

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