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Droid Phone Reviews: Does the Droid Phone Stack up for Verizon?

Droid phone reviews are important, as the Droid phone was released yesterday. Reviews are pouring in for the Droid phone, which is made by Motorola and is Verizon’s smartphone based on Google Android operating system.  As consumers are fickle, is Motorola’s  Droid phone nothing more than the sexy phone-du-jour, only to be cast aside in a couple of months, or will the Droid become a timeless classic, like Apple’s iPhone?

As an Apple lover and an AT&T customer, I never thought anything would come close to the iPhone.  However, as many of my family members have increasingly got on to Verizon’s network, I noticed that my cousin – the daughter of a Verizon salesman, had the Droid phone the day it was released.

If I had to say one word in my review of Verizon’s new phone that uses the Google Android operating system, I would simply say – Amazing.   The technology present in this phone is enough for me to at least consider switching to Verizon ‘s services.

The thing that makes the Droid better than the iPhone in my eyes is that it is capable of supporting corporate email.  While the Apple has the same capabilities, it was very hard for my company’s IT department to get Apple’s features running for my bosses’ iPhone.

Those that wonder about applications and watching YouTube videos will be pleased to know that Verizon’s Google phone, the Droid, has over 12,000 applications available and is fully integrated with most Google technology, including Gmail.  You can run more than one application at a time (not possible on the iPhone) and the Droid also features a physical keyboard (also not available on the iPhone).

All in all, those in the market for a new phone can purchase the Droid for $199.99 with a 2 year contract. I think it’s one of Verizon’s best phones available, as my salesman uncle painstakingly told me about all the high-end phones in hopes of converting me to a Verizon user with this sophisticated phone.  It’s a phone worth getting excited about, and one that will be on many people’s Christmas list. While the iPhone was on my list, I may just have to switch providers to get the Motorola Droid.

    13 Responses to “Droid Phone Reviews: Does the Droid Phone Stack up for Verizon?”

    1. scotty says:

      This article goes to show how ignorant the American public is when it comes to technology, especially cell phones. The writer was impressed because the droid can multi-task, Nokia phones (amongst others) has been able to multitask since I can remember. As for corporate email, well all you need is an exchange client. If your phone can’r run that well than its time to upgrade. And then 12,000 apps, who cares, apps for phones have been around for ever, this is nothing new. Between Java and Symbian operating systems there are too many to count. Real apps too, not like a stupid Zippo (amongst the other 74,999 useless apps) that really does not do anything. I doubt the Droid will be much better than the I-phone. Buy an unlocked Nokia or Samsung or unlocked anything and then you will be able to see the true quality and possibilities of mobile computing. Not some watered down version of a phone that AT&T, Verizon or any other carrier forces you to buy. Not to mention are Droid users going to be forced to pay $30 bucks a month for 2 years just like I-phone users for their data plan. On AT&T I only have to pay $10. And unless your running the Skyfire browser(this is free software) your not getting the real internet anyway. If you are unaware of the Skyfire browser it allows you to surf and view almost any video from any website, It does not matter if its flash, windows media, divx etc. In other words not just You Tube. The I-phone can’t run that software,(I doubt the droid can either, maybe in time though, but why wait for them to catch up the technology is already here) why, because those junk phones can only run apps, not real software. The phone services are ripping us off, selling us mediocre phones and overcharging us for the services. I know this sounds like an add for the above mentioned products, but it seems the American public is unaware of what is really available out there and we buy whatever they tell us to through slick advertising. Telling us this is the top of the line when its not. Wake up and buy a real phone!

      • John says:

        Wow!! Someone pee’d in Scotty’s coffee or something. I guess we should just discount all independent reviews of any phone because Scotty doesnt like any of them. Come on fool….most of us don’t have the time or money to deal with an “unlocked” phone and all the issues surrounding them. Some of us like our phones the way they are and we respect honest, unbiased feedback on new technology. I find some of your basic premises to be specious and a little stretching of reality. So the next time, when sitting in your mom’s basement, haranguing reviewers, think about what the real world likes. By that I mean, those of us outside your mom’s basement.

        • Joy says:

          sheetwowsheetApril 20, 2011 Whatever you do, don’t get an iPhone! Apple are going through a bad taccnihel patch at the moment and we wait to see how they are going to resolve things. The iPhone, the iPad and the iPod Nano are all affected by things like incorrect signal strength displays, inability to auto date change, poor signal strength, overheating and poor visibility problems.Other phones have better technology than the iPhone and it will be a while before the iPhone catches up. Android phones are quicker, have good signal receivers, can do genuine multitasking (something the iPhones cannot do) and unlike iPhones, they are not restricted by what apps they can have.Android phones are the future now.

      • JERSEYFRESH says:

        The Droid is Opensource, meaning the source code for the entire phone is open to the public to alter and write apps for, there are over 14,000 (and counting) free applications for the phone. If you jailbreak a phone you will void the warranty and still wont have the variety or customization the Droid has. Also there are many “webkits” like skyfire which do most of the computing on a server and send your phone an image of the result, the only real benefit of these browsers are formatting and basic flash incorporation. The Droid already comes equipped with a browser that does this. The truth is that the American public is getting introduced to the world of Linux and opensource programming without even knowing it, its the people who blindly use apple and windows without realizing that being governed by one companies limitations is a waste of time and money. Also, you dont pay for extra services like gps with the Droid, they come free with the phone.

      • Sha says:

        What exactly is a real phone in your opinion then?

    2. newDROIDowner says:

      Tmobile and At&t friends you too can have a Droid without leaving your carriers or cancelling your contracts. Motorola gives you the Milestone.

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    5. Cecilia says:

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    7. Miwa says:

      -1Verizon had notified me that I was elgibile for an early switch but I have no reason to trade my Incredible. Once it got Froyo it became the best smartphone that I’ve ever had. If Gingerbread maintains the reliability and (possibly) improves responsiveness I can wait for the next quantum leap.

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