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Fort Hood Shooting Victims: A Bad Day for Malik Nadal Hassan’s Victims of Fort Hood Shooting

Fort Hood shooting victims are victims of the Fort Hood attacks by Malik Nadal Hasan. Fort Hood shooting victims wereeither injured or killed by Malik Nadel Hassan. Fort Hood shooting victims and their families have a long way to go for recovery.  The Fort Hood shooting is unlike any other shooting in history, as the Fort Hood shooting happened at a military base and the suspect was a military professional as well.

Malik Nadal Hassan was a mental health professional at Fort Hood.  He is a Muslim, and was facing deployment. Chastised by his own kind, he snapped.  He orchestrated the Fort Hood shootings and the Fort Hood shooting victims totaled 13 dead and injured another 30, according to

Originally, officials said that the guilty individual from the Fort Hood shooting was dead. Malik Nadal Hassan is not dead, rather injured – but in stable condition.  Army officials state that his “death is not imminent”

The country watched in shock yesterday as the story of the Fort Hood shootings started rolling out.  What happened? Was the Fort Hood shooting a terrorist attack? Was there a rogue solider on the loose?  All these questions flashed in to the minds of many Americans, especially those already tired of all the fighting and the war.

Fort Hood shooting victims names are hard to find online. As more information is rolled out and next of kin are notified, more information will become available.

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    1. Glynis says:

      They should turn of the life support they got this monster on. I just wonder are they going to give a 21 gun salute if he dies. I got a salute for him. The tax payers are keeping this freak alive go figure. God bless the families that lost there love ones my prayers go out to you.

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