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Brandon Spikes Eye Gouging: Eye Gouging by Brandon Spikes Controversial

The Brandon Spikes eye gouging incident is hot. The Brandon Spikes eye gouging incident is controversial. Brandon Spikes eye gouged Washaun Ealey by poking his hand inside Ealey’s helmet after making a tackle.

 Brandon Spikes is a University of Florida linebacker.  This Saturday, the Florida Gators went up against their arch rivals, the Georgia Bulldogs.  Florida whipped Georgia 41-17.  The Brandon Spikes eye gouging incident has yet to be proven, although the incident was caught on video.

 Urban Meyer reassured fans that he would investigate the claims and find out exactly what happened. If Brandon Spikes really eye-gouged a Georgia player, he can expect to be suspended.

 Eye gouging can lead to serious injuries, including permanent eye loss. It’s highly disallowed in any contact sport such as football, and using measures such as eye gouging is playing dirty and is frowned upon.

 Brandon Spikes is a great linebacker – one of Florida’s best.  I am not sure what he was trying to accomplish with the eye gouging incident. Brandon Spikes had a serious talking-to by his coach, Urban Meyer.

 Once again Tim Tebow led his team to victory over the Georgia Bulldogs.  It is the team’s 17th win against their arch rival.  The Brandon Spikes eye gouging incident puts a damper on the whole game.  I hope that if Brandon Spikes is proven to have eye gouged Washaun Ealey, he will be appropriately punished.  No one deserves to lose an eye.

    3 Responses to “Brandon Spikes Eye Gouging: Eye Gouging by Brandon Spikes Controversial”

    1. Jaybird says:

      If Spikes did in fact gouge the eyes of the UGA RB Ealey, why didn’t Ealey come out of the pile raising pure hell?

      Also, in his post game interview, Ealey said he and Spikes had words throughout the game but NO MENTION WHATSOEVER OF ANY EYE GOUGING.

      Where is the complaint from the victim himself?

      Looking closer at the video, Spikes fingers appear to be higher than Ealey’s eyes like Spikes is trying to rip off his helmet which would make more sense because Spikes had his helmet ripped off once and knocked off on another play.

      Bottom Line….if Spikes was gouging his eyes, Ealey would have made a scene right there and then.

    2. Joe says:

      As an SEC fan this is very disturbing. There os no place in any sport for this kind of behavior. The video shows it all, he was trying to poke his hand inside the facemask and use his fingers as weapons. The SEC should suspend this THUG for the rest of the year. Spikes was on top of the ball carrier and positioned himself so he could force his hand in the kids eyes. This can only hurt Florida’s reputation and many will now pull for Alabama to beat Florida in the Atlanta game if they meet. Pundits and analysts nationwide are looking at this and begining to show disdain for the Florida program. I have to agree with them, Florida has a lot of CLASS, but it’s ALL LOW!

    3. John says:

      Okay you must be a gator fan, and i’m def surprised that Ealey didn’t say anything about it. Perhaps Spikes missed him otherwise Ealey would have been in a lot of pain.

      Spikes was def not trying to pull his helmet off otherwise his wrist would NOT come off of Ealey’s helmet. Take a look at it more clearly, he seems to be using his fingers to push in more based on his hand is positioned. If he was trying to pull his helmet spike’s hand would have wrapped around Ealey’s helmet.

      Geez just to get half a suspension for that is LUDICROUS!


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