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Blow Up Ruby Tuesday Demolition

Popular (fast food?) Ruby Tuesday has a new way to occupy mind space. Apparently some creative advertiser probably came up with this demolition gimmick. The chain promised the demolition of one of their stores and also to broadcast it live on their website.

What better way to come into news and also to send visitors packing to its website.

But guess what, all said and done when the demolition was carried and shown live, after the dust settled, the store was still standing. Duh oh.

And if you were excited enough to surf to their website at the designated hour, you would have seen a small crowd of people actually showing up to see “history being made”.

To add to the excitement, the company executives even had a NASA like launch countdown before pressing the trigger that would and should have sent the building imploding.

So when the trigger is finally pressed, what happens? No, the Ruby Tuesday does not come down. In stead the camera swings to a building next door – Cheeky’s Grill – and they come crashing down.

The company is probably hoping to start a viral gimmick on this one but the funny thing about such viral videos is, nobody knows what works. If you do something intentionally, chances are it might not only fail, but get in bad reviews as well.

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