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Moto Rush Walkthrough

Moto Rush is another gung ho bike (and board) skill game that demands total and absolutely attention from the gamer. And believe me its worth it. The game is extremely easy to get hooked on to, easy enough that you think you can beat it if you try hard and hard enough to always making you try more and more.

And before you know it, you are sucked into the whole thing. Thats how it is with such games.

From what I have been able to make out, use your arrow keys to ride da bike (or the board), to balance and to perform some action stunts.

I will keep adding the tricks and tips as and when I come across them. Meanwhile, if you think you have cracked it, update the feedback below so others can get a shot at being champions.

Don’t forget to feel the rush.

    8 Responses to “Moto Rush Walkthrough”

    1. MUH says:

      I got 196 cup points, anyone else get higher?

    2. MUH says:

      Make that 192, and thats it, no “you win the game” or anything. Anyone else in this boat?

    3. Carty says:

      Yeah, I just got 192 as well. I was a little disappointed with not getting a “you are awesome” for beating the game. Guess I need to find a new game to get addicted to now.

    4. myself says:

      Well, i got 150 cup points, and 156 is max 😉 i think 😛 i miss 6 points ^^

    5. moi says:

      192 also, must be the max. fun game let down on the finish :(

    6. You have brought up a very good details , thankyou for the post.

    7. Julene Hoey says:

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