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Michael Jackson Autopsy Picture: A Michael Jackson Autopsy Picture Leaked

A Michael Jackson autopsy picture is in hot demand. Why is the Michael Jackson autopsy picture so desired? The Michael Jackson autopsy picture is desired because ever since Jackson’s death, people have been obsessed with everything Michael.

Reports of a leaked Michael Jackson autopsy picture don’t surprise me at all.  Michael Jackson’s documentary was recently released in theaters, and the added drama of a potential leaked autopsy photo is enough to spark additional interest in said documentary.  In addition, tomorrow is Halloween and a very popular time for people to listen to his mega-hit “Thriller.”

LA Late reports that the autopsy photo was leaked by a “high ranking police friend”, and passed it to a restaurant owner.  The unnamed restaurant owner has the photo stored in his cell phone.  Claims have been made that the photo was taken professionally, and that a British tabloid editor claims that the photo could have a minimum $1 million price tag.

What does the leaked autopsy photo show? Reports indicate that the photo shows beloved Michael Jackson with a shaved head, eyes open, ashy skin, lips flat, makeup removed, eyebrows tatooed, lying on his back.

There’s no doubt that Michael Jackson didn’t want the world to see him that way.  He was always fixed up and wearing makeup.  Even though his sense of style was a little out of the ordinary, he presented himself the best way possible.

The world misses the late “King of Pop”.  Even in his death, he is still larger than life.

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    1. Cal says:

      It’s a sad thing that he had to die like he did..We will always pray for Michael and his family may he live on forever..


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