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Richard Heene put kids in danger according to partner-balloon boy found alive

ABC/AP Photo of Heene Family

ABC/AP Photo of Heene Family

Falcon Heene, the missing 6-year-old boy has been found alive and well.  He was hiding in the attic in a box and thought he was in trouble.  The press conference announcer breathed a sigh of relief as he told the story. 

Barbara Slusser, a former research partner of Richard Heene’s said that Richard Heene would often put his children in danger. “He loves those kids dearly, but part of the reason my co-host Scott and I split from him is because we felt Heene put his kids in the line of fire a bit too much,” she said.  “The last straw for us was when Hurricane Gustav and Hurricane Ike were headed towards the Texas coastline and Heene wanted to go back and take the kids,” Slusser said.

Richard Heene, the father is a storm chaser and there are videos of the family chasing hurricanes and storms.  Richard appears to love living on the edge and doesn’t seem to mind that the kids are with him. 

The Heene family appeared on Wife Swap a year ago, and Heene family description on the Wife Swap website supports the statements made by Barbara Slusser.  The family was described as adventurous and a family living on the edge.  The show stated that the kids often sleep in their clothes so that they can get up and go when weather strikes.  In the Wife Swap episode, the kids are described as having no table manners and throw themselves around the house.

Ironically, on the Wife Swap show, the Heene family was matched with the Martel family who worries about safety first and making sure kids are safe.  The father of the Martel family ran a child proofing business that identifies dangers and risks to children in order to keep them safe. 

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