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Colorado boy thought to be in floating balloon (video)

Falcon Heene, a 6-year-old boy was seen by his brother getting into a dome shaped helium balloon that that took police on a two hour chase today, but two hours later when the aircraft landed no one was in it. 

Richard Heene, is a storm chaser and built the experimental gas aircraft and it was attached to their Fort Collins, Colorado home.  The boy’s brother told the police that he saw the 6 year get into the aircraft and take off. 

After the 2 hour flight (and most of the country believed the 6 year old was inside it), the aircraft landed somewhere between Ft. Collins and Denver.

A local sheriff told the Associated Press that the six year old may have fallen out of the balloon early on the flight.  He was not in the aircraft, is not at home, and has not been found.

The balloon fluctuated up to 11,000 feet above sea level.  It was estimated that the aircraft was moving about 25 MPH toward the end of its flight. At 65 degrees and sunny in Colorado today it was easy to see the aircraft as it moved through the sky.  In the last 30 minutes of its flight, the balloon began to lose some of its shape, and it came down slowly and landed. 

Authorities are now saying that they believe that the 6 year old was never inside the aircraft and that he may be hiding somewhere because he thinks he is in trouble for letting the aircraft go. 

The Heene family appeared on the reality TV show Wife Swap.

UPDATE:  4:15 PM MST: CNN just reported that Falcon Heene has been found alive and well.  He was hiding in the attic in a box and thought he was in trouble.

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