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Wipro to launch global services centre in Sydney

(Pic: Wipro’s Azeem Premji)

Julia Talevski

Indian-based IT services provider, Wipro Infotech, will establish a global IT services centre in Sydney. Local country head, Manoj Nagpaul, said it had been present in the Australian for about five years and recorded significant growth.

“Australia has become a strategic geographic area for us from a growth perspective,” he said. “Now that the volume is increasing and we have more people working with more clients, we decided to set up a centre.

“Having our own centre gives us a lot of flexibility in terms of the infrastructure we can have, the competencies we can put in place and the services we can provide to clients.”

Nagpaul said the centre would provide consulting, software development and testing services to local and global clients. It will initially be manned by 50 staff. He hoped to grow this figure to 200 over the next couple of years.

“We have a very broad range of services to offer and as our customers come up with a need for a certain service, it is going to be shipped from there,” Nagpaul said. “We expect to deliver a very high level of service from the centre, which will benefit our customers. Overall we hope to raise the quality of IT services being provided by the general market.

The centre will be based in western Sydney and is expected to go live in January.

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