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Letterman Extortion Saga

I am Gonna Put a Lid on This

I am Gonna Put a Lid on This

The details of David Letterman Extortion attempt are still emerging. In tonight’s show David Letterman dropped this bomb of getting black mailed by somebody and not giving into the extortionists demands.

Though what two consenting adults do is their choice and we will not be judgmental on that but the call Mr Letterman made on going to the cops and coming clean couldn’t have been better.

Name of David Letterman Extortionist

No names have been released by the cops but this is just a matter of time. We will go with it immediately once the police releases more details.

Name of staff with whom David Letterman had the affair

Again, we don’t know this and we are still awaiting more details on this. Will this name be ever released? I don’t know but what I am sure about is that the girl will herself come forward. She would then get a book deal and possibly a movie deal. She would go to Oprah and cry her guts out. A reality TV show ain’t too far either.

Do you know any names? Write them below. :)

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    1. Bob says:

      You can’t have a consensual sexual relationship with your boss…they control if you are employed…that is too much leverage to have over someone for it to be consensual.

      Letterman is guilty of “quid-pro-quo” and “hostile environment” sexual harassment.

      Not only should Birkitt sue Letterman…but so should every other assistant that didn’t sleep with Letterman and didn’t get their law school paid for or didn’t get airtime on the show.


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