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Derrion Albert honor student beaten to death video

Derrion Albert, an honor student in Chicago was beaten to death on his way home from school. The video shows three teenagers hitting Albert with a large piece of wood while he lay on the ground.

Each of the teenagers charged as adults for first degree murder charges are being arraigned today.  According to witnesses, the beating broke out on the street between two gangs and Albert was caught in the middle.  The police are still searching for other teenagers shown in this video are asking people to come forward with any details.

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    1. Ceejay says:

      Why is it always the Good Ones that these things happen to .
      Altho the issue is much more complex. Our young people seem to have no compassion and discipline . These kind of things can only be taught at home . Not saying that the parents dont try but . When I was growing up I was taught to avoid conflict whenever possible and never be apart of anything that would cause harm to another person.. I guess times have really changed. I cannot help to feel that with the absence of so many fathers in the home of these kids especially the boys only increases the angry attitude these kids take on about themselves an others. God Bless this fallen angel

    2. Hello says:

      And they wonder why they can’t get jobs……

    3. Eric says:

      Man thats some messed up stuff i mean the kid was trying to help but he got in the way so they killed him thats not even right. i mean if they beat him thats 1 think he shouldntve tried to stop the fight but no they killed him instead. i just dont understand why someone didnt call the cops when they seen it happening or grabbed a gun and shot in the air to scare them away. im sure someone mustve had a gun in that neighborhood did you see how many people were there? someone mustve had a gun

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