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Jenny Slate drops the ‘f bomb’ on SNL video

Jenny Slate on SNL

Jenny Slate on SNL

Jenny Slate dropped the ‘f-bomb’ on Saturday Night Live last night. An apparent slip of tongue came from Jenny Slate, and her partner in the skit didn’t even seem to notice and just kept going.

The Brooklyn funny lady, Tehran-born, raised in California comedian, and SNL newbie has attracted a lot of attention when she dropped an f-bomb, apparently by accident. She was in the middle of a SNL skit when she let go of a sentence; “You stood up for yourself, and I f—ing love you for that.”

Over the years, people have been fired for saying these things on live TV, including Charles Rocket in 1981 and Norm MacDonald in 1997.  No news yet on if Jenny Slate is being fired for her slip of the tongue.

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    1. Pub Lius says:


      Just wanted to let you know that Jenny Slate isn’t Iranian-born; the other new cast member, Nasim Pedrad, is the one you’re thinking of. She was born in Tehran but raised in California.

    2. Marci says:

      hi Pub Lius…you are correct. i updated it, thanks for the info.


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