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Rocsi walks off stage

The goofiest thing I ever saw on entertainment television in a long time. Stars are already known for their bloated egos but here is another stark example of it.

So here is what happened.

After Terrence J’s jokes, ROCSI walked off the stage.

I am still to find out what kind of jokes were they, but were the jokes that bad? I think they both have been coming down on each other too hard, and this was waiting to happen.

Basically, Youtube and BET are actively colluding on deleting all the references to that video clip online. If I come across any hot link, here is where you will find it.

Meanwhile let us know what you think of this incident.

    33 Responses to “Rocsi walks off stage”

    1. Ally says:

      It was that bad. Terrance’s dumb a$$ should have gotten punched. He is worse than a 10 year old. I’ve known [edit] size to correlate to age.

      • Crisleidy says:

        what i dont understand is all yall peploe who talkin about yall dont like rocsi and terrance then why the fck are yall on this page. it dont make no sence for yall to talk down i mean it aint like they worried about yall comments they still makin money & seeing superstars. Also another thing, yall keep bringin up free and aj which they are older & was mature but this is a new generation a younger generation at that so therefore rocsi and terrance are young and wanna make the show a little bit more interesting, i think its interesting, the music is interesting and if you dont like the show then go find some other music channel whats the point of complaining about who you dont like? your opionions dont matter and obviouslly aint gonna change nothing. but yea i understand where some of yall comin from terrance does joke alot rocsi should have understood but i think she shoul’nt have walked off she should have stood her ground but maybe she was having a bad day and wasnt in the mood so she needed some time, and terrance just maybe didnt notice or see she was having a bad day. and even if her feelings was hurt everybody has feelings some are just sensitive then others. but hey they still funny, cool to me so i dont have no problem with the show.

      • Norihiko says:

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    2. dnttrip says:

      He was not that bad..I thought it was funny she was bein extra sensitive

      • Ezzeddin says:

        I knew he would have something lined up. He has great paesonrlity (Like AJ did)and has a good commercial look. He really grew on me. And took advantage of him opportunities on BET (i.e the Game). *Plus he is friends with Khloe, so E! Is good for him. As for Rocsi, I can’t stand her. She really has that Hoodrat mentality. Can’t wait for her to disappear. If she does get anything we all know how she got it.

      • Auth says:

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    3. bre says:

      man…….terrence does that to her all the time ann they both do it to each other so y she get mad if they both get on each others nerves all day every day he was come n down a lil to hard but she is b n to sensitve 2 so the both need to stop act n like lil kids an move on

    4. Precious*80'sBaby says:

      Terrence is just childish….he took it to far…..she didn’t even argue with him thru the whole show and he kept running his trap until he made her just walk out…..from my point of view, I think Rocsi played the better role, because if it was me, I would of Busted that bitch teeth out the front of his mouth on national television so everybody would have something to gossip about and a good reason to get fired for.

      • Olli says:

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      • Florenda says:

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      • Anwari says:

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    5. Nisha says:

      I think that terrence needs to be fired because he play too much and he is irritating. Plus he is so LAME!!!!

      • Shang says:

        Dope!! But on the real, did you see the audience? They didn’t know what the heck Erykah was tnikag about lol neither did the host .LOL. I feel you Erykah. Everything seem to be going sloooowwww lol. This is what they kids need anyway to use the other side of their brain lololol. Just kidding everyone. Don’t cut me .lol.

      • Milencheto says:

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      • Kike says:

        gunsmith is stupid. It’s all about big beoobd idiots with loads of panty shots, and I’m not the type to rate down for that kind of stuff (Elfen Lied was great even with the loads of naked chicks) but the plot just sucked!

    6. Miss.J says:

      I think that she was just being a little sensitive…maybe she was having a bad day or something but anyway they trip like that all the time and for her to take it there is just crazy…but it’s old news so everything is everything

      • Vinicius says:

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      • Velen says:

        Gun Smith Cats is one of the best manga out there, I mean two reasons some may not like 1, girls that are ieuncsre about an animated drawn character and 2, prude people.seriously the series is better and the useage of T&A is done with some tact. its not flaunted at you. I mean its normal, just go to any Mall and you can see hundreds of girls in mini skirts low cut tops ect. so to give it a 2 out of 5 is stupid.

      • Sandy says:

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    7. Jayme Hougen says:

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    9. Josie says:

      Very true! Makes a cnhage to see someone spell it out like that. :)

    10. Eliza says:

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    14. Dee says:

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    15. Keylon says:

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