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Raymond Clark of Yale Named Person of Interest

Everybody in the East Coast is intently following the case of Yale student Annie Le who was found murdered just a few days from her marriage.

There has been some new development in the case after her body and clothes were found. Now a local TV is reporting that a person of interest has been named in the case – Ray Clark, who works as an animal technician at the Yale Laboratory where Annie Le was working as a graduate student and where subsequently her clothes and body were found.

According to the TV report, police have clearly identified this person – Ray Clark – as somebody of interest to the case and have also dispatched a unit to keep him under surveillance.

The TV station to report this was Hartford’s WFSB, and the New Haven police has made a formal request for information from the Branford police under whose jurisdiction the house of Ray Clark lies.

This event is an unfortunate tragedy at so many levels and for so many people including her friends, family, and those associated with Yale. Who would have thought an ivy league could be a setting for such a deliberately planned macabre incident.

Did you know Annie Le personally or through Yale? What are your thoughts on this? Leave a message for Annie Le and Ray Clark in the comments section below.

Also, Raymond (Ray) Clark has now been reported to be absconding with his girl friend. Click here – Ray Clark Jennifer Hromadka of Yale

    76 Responses to “Raymond Clark of Yale Named Person of Interest”

    1. steve madison says:

      it is horrible i hope he is killed resisting arrest. as well as his trashy kin who are helping him run. they’ll be caught soon enough and hopefully shot

    2. nikki says:

      this guy is sick, he waited until the poor girl was less than a week to be wed and kills her b/c he can’t have her? Why do people have to do such horrid things.
      God bless her soul, her family will never be the same.

    3. riker1981 says:

      wow…angry white man. Where are all the racist piece of sh*t who were thinking…no hoping it was a black man so they can condemn the entire black race as savages. For her loss I grieve!

      • DavidWWW says:

        Riker1981, simmer down. Isn’t what happened bad enough without making up new stuff to be mad about? We don’t yet know anything about the murderer, his motives or his racial feelings. And as for people hoping that the killer would turn out to be black, I was hoping that would not be the case.

        • m laurence says:

          I thank God it wasn’t a BLACK man!

          • tommy says:

            Was Cain a Black man, or does it really matter the color of a man when it comes to murder, hate or anything else that does not edify a fellow human. I can think of a lot other things to thank God for in this case besides a man not being Black. Let’s pray and thank God in advance for comfort and healing for both families and all the friends and anyone (people like you and me)else who is effected by this act.

          • Jason says:

            The murderers named James Black, Jimmy white’s younger brother. Their dad is white and mom is black…

            Anyway, whats race gotta do with this? Grow up…you are living in the 21st century for F__ sake!!

    4. ctay says:

      As far as I know, the police did not release this name to avoid ruining people’s careers. Let cops do their jobs and justice run its course. If it turns out Ray Clark is innocent, then he will make good money by suing all the outlets who posted his name for defamation.

    5. Sag says:

      Ray Clark will rot in jail where he belongs, karma will serve him

    6. MICHELLE says:

      It’s REALLY a shame – I’m presuming the people are Yale students above – and I’m amazed at the low-rent assumptions and accusations of some people. You wonder why this country is so polarized? Because of fools who cannot resist bringing race into every conversation. Quite honestly, if these comments are from Yale students, I’m wondering what happened to an Ivy League education

    7. JTX says:

      I went to school and played baseball with Ray… totally in shock now.

      Also Riker, it’s funny when Kanye acts all racist, Al Sharpton keeps his mouth shut. Where is he with his “oh lordy racism, racism” stuff?

      • SR says:

        I don’t agree with what Kanye did — he is a total jerk, but I don’t believe what he said was racist. And to keep this on topic, Ray Clark is worst than a total jerk… animal poop cleaning murderer!

      • Bryant G. says:

        Hello, my name is Bryant Glover and I work with CBS news. We are attempting to find some people who are, or may have been friends with Ray Clark. We’re looking to find out more information about him as a person. If you’re willing to talk, you can contact me at (212)975-5867.

    8. Kanye Wests Salty Tears says:

      Re: Riker1981

      What on earth would a black man be doing in a research lab? Oh right, janitor.

      Feel better now?

      • m laurence says:

        What’s WRONG w/THAT job? It’s good, honest work + pays the bills!
        I am a Mechanical Engineer w/ a 142 IQ.. I work as a Security Guard while I design the software for my Commodity Futures Trading business. I AM a BLACK man and do my best on ANY job.

        As a Christian my Lord Jesus reminds me that we are here to Love one another, Forgive each other and to Serve the Lord. I just hope that Annie knew +accepted Jesus.. there is still hope for whomever the killer turns out to be. My prayers go out to all the affected families.

        • you were doing so well says:

          You really were doing well and then, “I just hope that Annie knew +accepted Jesus..” *sigh* Why, would you says something like this? You don’t know her, that could be blasphemy in her religion. Also, I’m pretty sure its been reported that both Annie and her fiance were members of the same TEMPLE, which means she was either jewish or buddhist (more likely since she’s southeast asian). So yeah way to call her out, how’d you like it if you got bodied and thrown in a wall to rot and somebody posted some garbage about how they hope you “knew +accepted” Allah into your life?

      • tommy says:

        As a technician at Yale, Clark helped clean the cages of research animals used by labs around the Ivy League campus and had other janitorial duties, police said. Quoted from staff and news service reports…

    9. Tony says:

      Does anyone know his myspace site? please post. Thanks!

      • scottk says:

        His myspace page was deleted. I was there earlier this evening and everything was stripped off, now it doesn’t come up at all and shows an invalid friendID. You can still search myspace under Find Friends by entering Raymond Clark, then filter the search by Middletown, CT and you see his profile pic with his buddy.

        Annie’s murder has outraged me and I feel that her fiance should be given a baseball bat and a little alone-time with whoever is convicted of her murder.

        An eye for an eye.

        Sorry to be so brutal but crimes of this nature really make me want to go Dexter on someone.

        • happy says:

          It would be terrible if it wasn’t him, but honestly, I don’t think they’d even speak his name if there weren’t pretty damn sure he did it. They have clothes (which were probably his) with his DNA on it, failed poly and defense wounds on his arms. She was strangled and was probably trying to get away from him. He also, like OJ, has the physical advantage if you look at his build. I think they have the killer.

    10. Dave Webb says:

      CNN is reporting Clark and Le were having an affair. Apparently she had been trying to end it.

      • chris smith says:

        CNN would report something like that. Does anyone know if he has any type record or previous arrests?
        My sympathy to family and friends, so sudden and so senseless.

    11. Katie says:

      I don’t think his name would’ve been “leaked” if it wasn’t him. Neighbors saw him being escorted in handcuffs and cheered. Maybe they told everyone who he was? I mean they’ve already got interviews with a couple of them. One aged 16 and one 22 I believe…
      Either way, I believe it was him. HELLO! The police have over 700 HOURS of video photoage of the building plus clothes! They narrowed their list of suspects based on who was in the building at the time. Perhaps they saw him entering the building wearing the bloody clothes they found, and leaving wearing something else… that’d be enough to convict! Obviously, he had something to hide, because if he was completely innocent, what other evidence would they have to remove from his apartment? I know he could’ve ditched stuff somewhere (like he obviously tried to do with his clothes), but what else was there to find that they found? Obviously he wasn’t as bright as he (and everyone else) thought he was.
      I felt sorry for his gf until I saw that about them trying to run away together. I’m sorry, but if my boyfriend told me “oh baby they’re gonna say I did it and I’m innocent, let’s run away together…” THERE WOULD BE BIG RED FLAGS GOING UP!!! I would get away from him as fast as possible because if he could kill one woman, who’s to say he wouldn’t kill me too?
      I am completely sickened by this monster. My heart goes out to Annie’s family, friends, and especially her fiance. How horribly tragic this whole thing was. I pray they get their closure, which may not be much, but it will possibly be enough to get them through this very difficult time. And at this point it’s just about all they can ask for because he took their precious Annie from them. May the killer be brought to justice and Annie can rest in peace…

      • Ben says:

        Yeah, I think the police have tons of evidence on him. They just wanted to make sure everything was air tight. Like you said, they know who was in the building. They traced the keycard swipes–where she went, and then where he went. He was the last person to go to the same room as she. She never left, but he did. Then he went in and out of the building 10 times. I’m sure they got the DNA evidence–that’s when they issued the arrest warrant.

        Raymond the Janitor will be locked up forever hopefully. They don’t have the death penalty in Connecticut, do they?

    12. Matt says:

      Maybe he did it, maybe he didn’t. But I hope that if he didn’t, that all you people clamoring for blood get a bullet in the head. Do you wipe your a$$es with the Constitution? Idiots.

      • scottk says:

        Matt, if you actually read what people wrote here, you’d see that the only one clamoring for blood is me and my post said, “whoever is convicted of her murder.” I did not say the current person of interest, Raymond Clark III. There have been false accusations made by police before so I reserve judgment on Mr Clark until more evidence is revealed (like DNA matching)…but the senseless nature of this crime still outrages me. I know someone will pay for this crime…it’s all a matter of time.

        My heart goes out to Annie Le’s family, friends, and most of all her fiance. I know if that happened to my fiance (family or friends) I’d want to dish out some pain on the killer for all the pain caused.

    13. shaggywicious says:

      Okay….for those of you who are making this a RACIAL issue. What does it matter what color the person is? White, Green, Yellow, or Black…RACE doesn’t matter. Murder is Murder…and for GOD sakes … this poor girls family and let us not forget Ray’s family as well… are all victims. This is a tradegy… Le’s family and friends are victims as well as Ray’s… so please don’t make it more than it is. It has NOTHING to do with RACE!! Geez…

    14. Kim says:

      Number one, how morbit is this….. she was found dead on her wedding day and all you guys think about what color the kiler is…..just gross! I feel so bad for her and her family i wish them them the best luck and le i hope you find peace what ever religion you are. And who ever killed her will get the karma they deserve

    15. shannon says:

      does any one know if annie le had a my space and what it is

    16. Morty says:

      After seeing the evidence displayed in the affidavit, I’m even more convinced that Ray Clark didn’t do it, or if he did, he didn’t act alone. The main issue that exists is the incriminating evidence, such as the bloody sock and green pen found with the victim’s body. Why did such a meticulous killer leave a non-stop trail of evidence behind? Did he drop the sock into the chase with Annie’s corpse just to taunt police? If someone committed a murder, they would in all likelihood take all steps to remove the evidence, such as the clothing they were wearing. The body was placed in behind a toilet, within a locker room. That would have not only allowed the killer to wash the blood off themselves, but also to change into their street clothes and talk everything covered in blood out of the building and dump it far away. Hiding a sock and glove in a ceiling, for example, makes absolutely no sense, unless it’s put there to point the finger at someone. Add to that the fact the alleged killer showed up for work when the FBI were crawling around, and he not only answered all their questions, he was within their view the whole time, just to give them enough reason to rule his behaviors ‘suspicious’, such as cleaning around a drain. A murderer who has never killed before probably would be avoiding the police as much as possible. It sounds to me that Ray was behaving like everyone else: Oblivious that a murder had actually taken place. Whoever killed her (there could have been more than one person), was able to kill her, maybe transport her to two other rooms, before eventually carrying her body down a long corridor into a washroom. That requires time and extra eyes to look out for other people.

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