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Jesse Jackson Flap Over Obama

Before i tell you what happened, the moral of the story is – Walls have ears you moron, especially if you are sitting inside a media room full of high tech electronic gadgetry.

So what happened was, Jesse Jackson was preparing for an interview on Fox and without realizing that the mike was already switched on, he used quite colorful language to describe what he would do to presidential candidate Barack Obama for, what he considered, talking down to blacks during a church speech. (Remember Barack had called on blacks to take more responsibility when it comes to managing families).

Later on when he came to know that he had been caught on tape uttering those “gross” remarks, Jesse Jackson promptly went live on CNN to apologize and ask for forgiveness.

He did the right thing. Basically we all act like idiots now and then. The man made a mistake and deserves another chance.

As far as the incident is concerned, it was a dream come true for Fox, a channel as conservative as they come and immensely proud of its pro Republican leanings too.

You can bet this lemon will be fully exploited to its last drop of juice, especially good ‘ol Riley who’s gonna be going into minute details with a face full of glee. I can’t wait to see him gloat.

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    1. Jake says:

      What an A**, who listens to him anyway


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