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Carry A Gun On You

But conceal it. Thats important as far as the law goes. Now that the Supreme Court has given its re-affirming verdict on what the country’s fathers had in mind, law abiding citizens can carry weapons on them in public places but it needs to be concealed properly.

There is literally an onslaught of hand gun holsters in the market now and most gun license holders and undercover law enforcements officers or off duty cops carry a backup weapon. They need to do this in the most comfortable manner and also one appreciates it when the gun is not visible to the public eye.

Usually the gun holders end up spending couple of hundred dollars on a holster that eventually proves too cumbersome and then rusts in the drawer or some cup board.

So it is imperative that what you buy is not only suitable but also comfortable and fulfils your need. But remember in this case, there is no one size fit all scheme. Each person has its own need and requirements.

The most commonly preferred holster is the waistband type. Those with average height and bulk go for these types and its suitable for them. But the drawbacks are, it creates bulk and is not comfortable when sitting or driving.

Another of course is the shoulder holster but that too adds to the bulk under the shirt and jackets. And it becomes difficult to draw the weapon as well sometimes.

Ankle holster means you have to always wear a pant and then it requires you to bend down to draw the weapon.

The whole idea of concealment is to be able to have the weapon of your choice, on your person, undetectable, easily accessible and relatively comfortable.

So try out different types and see which one fits you best. At the same time you should agile enough to use it.

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