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Michael Jackson Memorial Service Full Video

The King of Pop died this week and fans all over the world watched in disbelief when the news broke out and eventually when the sudden shock started wearing in.

If you want to see the Michael Jackson Memorial Service Full Video you have come to the right page, continue reading below.

Michael Jackson was the last of the breeds of those universal musicians who were liked and loved and listened the world over. They don’t make ’em like that any more.

Michael Jackson funeral and memorial tribute was held this week in downtown Los Angles at the Staples Center and millions of fans applied for the tickets so they could watch the event live.

But not everybody is lucky. Even then the even was broadcasted live and shown on the internet as well. If you want to watch the repeat of that telecast here, check out the videos below.

Also, can you believe the kid who accused Michael Jackson is now saying he lied!

Kid Who Accused Michael Jackson of Molestation Says He Lied

Check out some video clips from the Michael Jackson Memorial Service video below:

    11 Responses to “Michael Jackson Memorial Service Full Video”

    1. totoro says:

      No one else would be the same great as him, miss you, Michael, RIP.

    2. scooer4chiefs says:

      You know what is really sad about Micheal Jacksons death…? It is the fact that the man had a major drug problem and basically killed himself by taking the drugs and what does the media do…? The give him all this attention…To me it is like telling everyone including young children, that what he did was ok… Just like Anna Nichol… Farah died the same day that Micheal did and she died of Cancer…. where is her media attention….Why didn’t we see her funeral on tv? Is it because her death was a natural death from cancer. Or maybe she is female. At least she didn’t cause herself to have a heart attach due to taking drugs that shouldn’t have even been administered at home….It sickens me what the media does and we accept it… Micheal Jackson yes was a great singer the king of Pop, But what the hell is wrong with this picture…? The media is saying it is ok to take drugs and kill yourself because we will give you lots of attention.

      • hotrodsue says:

        You’re an idiot!!!!!!!!!
        Michael Jackson has been a musical genius since he was 5 years old. For 45 years!! 45 YEARS !!!! Who cares what he did in the privacy of his own home………the things he’s done for the world are beyond compare. He spanned over several generations and DESERVED the recognition for his accomplishments!!!!

        God bless M.J. and his family!

        He WILL live on!!!!!

        • Honey says:

          I completely agree( HOTRODSUE), Michael was a genius when it came to his musical career, and what he did in his spare time, was his business… people just don’t seem to realize these days, that even though he was doing what he was in his PERSONAL TIME, he was still taking care of his children and doing what he needed to do as a strong man. He is and always will be the KING OF POP. He was a strong individual, who was always kind and caring. His children praised him for being a great father. To all who know him and are close to him, and even the one’s who are not, he will be missed greatly. The Bible says: “Judge not, lest ye be judged.” No one knows what was going on in Michael’s life, other than himself and GOD… so anyone that has anything negative to say about him, needs to just let everything be, and let Michael rest in peace… as he should… MICHAEL… You are missed very much, and loved very much… my dance video will be coming soon in your memory, and as a very special tribute to you. God called you to be with him for a reason, your work here on earth was accomplished, and for the one’s who knew you personally, Im sure that they would say that you were truly an angel on earth.

      • BP says:

        I think you have the right to be upset if you were a huge Farah Fawcett fan of MJ’s coverage. MJ, however, inspired celebrities of all races and ages, he united millions of fans of all different races and beyond. His music is timeless. Families pass down their love of the Thriller album to their young. His cultural significance technically overshadows Farah Fawcett’s.

        Farah Fawcett is an inspiration to aspiring white, skinny actresses who want to be more than pin-up posters for white boys to jerk off to. And I admire her for attempts to break free from her original typecast. But as a black woman I did not relate to her battles at all. MJ, however, transcended race.

        So if you are really upset by Farah Fawcett’s death I encourage you to celebrate her memory.

    3. Big Tone says:

      people can say what they want about mike, but he is one of the few people who truly cared about those living on this earth of all colors and nationalities by extending nothing but love. Now it is our time to heal the world show the world. Michael was sent to us from god and he will truly be missed. My condolences go out to the Jackson family.

    4. Cher says:

      Shame on you scooer4chiefs. Are YOU on drugs? How can you even try to compare Michael’s death with Farrah Fawcett’s? Everyone was well aware of her suffering and were expecting her to leave us at any moment. That whole ordeal was being played out in the media for well over a year. Michael’s death was a shock, and stunned the WORLD… not just America. He was not just a star, like Farrah, but a megastar! We have never seen anyone like him before, and perhaps, never will again in our lifetime.

      The most horrible thing about you and the things you say is that you are someone that Michael would have cared for. Suffering at any level was abhorrent to him. Yes! Shame on you!

    5. bobby says:

      M.J, We always love u. I don’t care whether u were innocent or not! I don’t care what some people say about u!Nobody is perfect, but I strongly believe from the very start that u were innocent of all the allegations. And all those allegations against u were made up for financial gain!
      U will always be remembered among the GREATS who lived on the face of the earth.
      Ur accomplishments can’t be surpassed nor equal by any artists of this generation.
      WE LOVE U!!!

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