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Sahel Kazemi DUI Video

Sahel Kazemi DUI Video is becoming popular among the current affairs and news fans because Sahel Kazemi is the 20 year old Iranian American who was found sprawled next to Steve McNair in what many are thinking is a affair gone sour.

Steve McNair is basically the All American ex NFL jock who every body knew as this great guy who took care of his community and was happily married with about 4 kids if I am not wrong.

And then suddenly, BAM! He is found dead next to his mistress Sahel Kazmi.

According to the police, Sahel Kazmi shot to death the footballer who thought he could act as a player, pretend to his girl friend that he is getting a divorce and when the girl realized it was not to be, she became furious, and then we all know what happened.

For more on Sahel, check out this page –

Sahel Kazemi Profiled

    7 Responses to “Sahel Kazemi DUI Video”

    1. wendy says:

      This poor confused young woman is just another victim of the current fad making it fashionable to go after gangsta badboy types,she probably felt ashamed and humiliated by this ape who very likely could throw some footballs,eat fried chicken and run real fast but couldnt even spell his own name.He was probably beating her and cheating on her like the rest of his kind usually does.Hopefully women learn from this…..

      • TruthorFiction says:

        People are responsible for their own actions! Stop blaming others for Your problems. Everyone wants to blame someone or something, for their problems,anything other than Themself. People Need to stop blaming The Black Man, The White Man, The Mexican,stop putting the blame on your parents, on your upbringing, on your circumstances or whatever else! Ignorance! Grow up and Mature! No such thing as poor confused young women or poor McNare. Each person is Responsible for Their choices. We need to look at our choices and look at the consequences that effect our life and those around us.By all means, Accidents may occur in life but this was no accident.

      • Eddie says:

        Just reading the comments here and came across Wendy’s and came to the immediate realization that sterotypical idiots are still prevalent in some locations throughout this great country. I feel awful for this young lady, and I’m certainly no fan of McNair for playing her the way that he did, but Wendy had to take it down to the simplest, most ignorant level, and that’s more disappointing than anything.

        Though she didn’t say it, it’s painfully clear that her angst is racial in its basis. Okay, Wendy, you’re some sacred white wench who would never do a black guy. Hooray for you. But if your saggy boobs and cellulite riddled legs are the reason for your rejections, go to the root cause of why you’re not attractive to the black race.

        Actually, I’ll make it simpler still. Flash back to the old days of Saturday Night Live with Jane Curtain and Dan Akroyd as they did their news spot. Dan would always call her an “Ignorant Slut.” Replace Wendy for Jane and you have the real punchline here…

    2. ChrissyJ says:

      Please stop the stereotyping, neither one of them should have left this world like that, but this is what happens when you cheat and lie. She knew he was married so she knew what the consequences would be dating a married man. And he had no business sleeping around on his wife. You live by the sword you die by the sword.

    3. Gunther says:

      Wendy, Wendy, Wendy. “Ape?” “Fried chicken?” As a German, I am appalled at your ignorance. So do you believe you are smarter than all blacks? Do you think all blacks eat fried chicken? I think Eddie said it best. You are a fool and a very stupid woman. Why don’t I just give you my grandfather’s Swastika armband right now. You sound no different than my loutish, primitive relatives of over a half century ago. Perhaps I should rename you, Hilga – She Wolf of the SS. I never liked my grandfather and his past, I’m sure I wouldn’t care to be in the same room with you, you Nazi cow. No humans deseerve to die this way. Perhaps we should make an exception for you. Let’s just hope that you have not yet produced any kids. If so, I hope you steer them away from your Jurassic mindset. Guten Tag und Auf Wiedersehen. Schoenes Wochenende. G

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