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OK Magazine Cover of Michael Jackson

OK Magazine paid a kings ransom to buy the photo of Michael Jackson as he lay dying on the emergency services stretcher.

It is a grim photo of King of Pop Michael Jackson when he was in the throes of his last minutes.

Worldwide, the coverage of Whack Jacko has been quite positive as everybody uniformly recognizes the significant contribution Michael made in the field of music.

But tabloids will be tabloids and cannot take this away from them.

Media Week is reporting that international tabloid and magazine OK! paid somewhere in the neighborhood of half mil.

Thats right, about $500,000 for exclusive rights to photos of the dying star as he was rushed to the hospital before he passed away on June 25.

These are not pleasant picture of  Michael’s fans want to see him as. Lying helplessly on the emergency stretcher.

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    73 Responses to “OK Magazine Cover of Michael Jackson”

    1. Barbara says:

      Michael was already dead in that picture. He died at home before he even went to the hospital. How can you put his dead face on your crummy magazine. What poor taste.

    2. Joey says:

      This is one of the most tasteless things I have ever seen. No matter what you think of Michael Jackson…..NO ONE deserves this kind of disgraceful cover.

    3. Julie Z says:

      How disgusting. Instead of putting a picture that truly represented the person/musician/phenomenon he was you choose to put a picture of the greatest musical icon in history dead? You should be ashamed. His life deserves to be honored not disgraced by this terrible image. Let this man f****ing rest in peace already. he deserves it.



      • notafan says:

        Greatest musical icon in history? Not hardly! And why should we honor a child molester?

        • snowy90 says:

          Definitely one of the biggest music icons, if not hte biggest whether you want to accept it or not. Second, nobody proved he was a child molester. He was a very troubled man, and had a lot of issues clearly, but such a powerful man will always be subject to people trying to make money out of everything. So was a he a child molester? nobody knows, and because of that I’d rather remember him as what he did best, the King of Pop!

        • Rachel says:

          Get over yourself! He was AMAZING! The music that we have today was influenced by him. He was culturally diverse and reached out to all races, ages, and cultures. Michael Jackson was the greatest that ever lived and that will ever live. In my opinion, I don’t believe he is a child molester. I think he had a passion and love for children of all ages and he desperately wanted a family of his own. However, he chose to take a few actions that seemed scandalous and raised eyebrows in the media that eventually accused him of sexually molesting a child. The boy was 13. He knew what sex was and what was wrong and right. Michael would not have harmed a child or violated him/her in any way. He had too much love for them!

    4. victoria says:

      I have to agree, when I saw OK magazine in Tesco I felt disgusted. There should be a law against printing pictures of celebrities taken right as they are dying/have died. It is disgraceful, abhorrent and shameful.

    5. Taylor says:

      This picture has crossed the line. Ok! Magazine went way to far with this picture. If this issue was supposed to be like a rememberance edition for Michael that is not the picture I want to remember him with. This picture is disgraceful and wrong.I dont care how much they paid for this photo it is wrong and disgusting to think that the magazine execs thought it ot be a good idea to plaster it across the front of their mag.

    6. MJ says:

      If you’re so disgusted, why are you here viewing it?

    7. Phill says:

      WHO TOOK THE BLOODY PICTURE….that’s who the outrage should be against. I would imagine, a Paramedic.

    8. vigi says:

      O K!?? O K ???? This is NOT O K!!

      Michael gave over $300 MILLION to charity, how much have you given to charity, OWNER OF THIS RAG!!, how much huh????

      What goes around, does indeed come back around – maybe your face or a loved-one’s face will have the same chance to be disrespected & posted somewhere someday & PLEASE do not EVEN have the gall to get upset then!

    9. HOLLYWOOD33 says:


      • alex taylor says:

        ok, Micheal Jackson was a man with, yes, issues… but we ALL have issues! even you do and youre comment proved that! Have you ever thought that maybe he had feelings? what if someone said that at your funeral in front of your family members, your friends? think BEFORE you speak, than you WOULDN’T make a fool of yourself!

      • Nikki says:

        How ignorant and cruel of you to say that. I would love to see what you look like…

    10. Just Me says:

      Pethetic… He has children who see and hear ALL that is said and shown.. GOD SPEED!!

    11. Just Me says:

      As a matter of fact, this just confirms the cruel world in which he once lived. He gave all that was HUMANly possible but it still wasn’t enough. Too many would rather he suffer and his legacy be put to shame to make themselves feel WORTH something. Michael was a product of his ABUSIVE environment and thus his actions followed him. Stop and consider walking his shoes for an hour/ day / or lifetime… What skeletons lie in your closet?? The joy of the LORD should be your strength not the Pleasure of inflicting PAIN TO OTHERS dead or alive.

    12. Just Me says:

      as a matter of fact consider the fact that there is no glory in beating a man that has fallen. This is a reflection of how someone with ISSUES resolve them, beat someone else down for a pay check or to feel important. Would you be able to be MJ for an hour/ day/ or lifetime?? Not!!! You will have to sleep with this disgrace and to the comment which questions why we look, because this is a public forum where you express yourself but also where people show themselves for who they are while hiding behind a computer. The most disgraceful part is, MJ gave more than he actual had to give as a person but no matter what ridicule and judgement was always beating down his doors! What skeletons are in your closet?

    13. alex taylor says:

      i don’t beleive its distastful nor is it disgsuting. We have to die.. it’s a fact of life and we have to go along with it! none of us are immortal.. NOT EVEN CELEBRITIES! so this cover proves that fact! and Micheal Jackson was not ready to die but who ever is?
      Micheal Jackson did NOT deserve to die….
      but this cover is NOT distastful or disgusting
      we all will mourn for Micheal Jackson…

    14. vigi says:

      Yes, of coarse death is a HUGE part of life – this debate can go on forever just like ‘who shot JFK?’ still is.

      But does it make it “O K” to get rich off of someone’s death while family and little kids are in pain mourning his death? If you are not a coroner, funeral director or own a cemetery, you have no business cashing in on other people’s sorrow.

      How many ‘phote-hogs’ or how many of you who have no problem with that photo can honestly say deep down in your heart of hearts that if someone took a photo of your child, mother or spouse that way, you would 100% have no problem at all with it no matter how sad you are and just say: “OH WELL, JUST A PART OF LIFE”.

      That is just 1 of many things that is so wrong with this world today – insensitive people who have no compassion for what family members and friends might be going through when they lose a loved one.

      Do me a favor, remember how you feel (since that photo is no big deal to some of you) the next time you want to cry, fight, get angry, drunk or depressed when someone that you love dies – then tell yourself at that moment just how “O. K.” that photo was (yeah, reflect, 20/20) – might feel a little different then if the shoe was on the other foot, huh?

      Walk a mile in those 3 little kids shoes who now only have an elderly woman with a broken home (gramma’s husband lives separately in Vegas), a 65-y. o. senior citizen who’s been busted with illegal substance (Diana) or a woman who sold them to MJ for millions of $$ who now wants to “Play” mommy & take care of them because she knows that if she gets them, she gets more $$$. When she signed the kids over to him, did the contract say if he dies, she will get them back even after being paid those millions? I bet not. & now has the nerve to say that she will even take care of Blanket when she never wanted her own – she must need to take meds.

      I am so done with selfish, unthoughful, incompassionate, money-grubbing people who only think about “me, me, me”!
      Michael, I hope that if you needed to make peace with the man upstairs, that you had that chance since your life down here seemed to he so terrible. :-(

    15. AJ says:

      I completely agree. and they paid the guy 500,000 dollars for the cell phone pic.

    16. BB says:

      Seeing is believing. This picture will bring some closer for those who can’t belive it. Personaly, I think they should have a open casket televised funeral service. He was always in the public eye in life, and am sure he wouldn’t mind it in death. After all, he was the “King of Shock” as well as the “King of Pop”. This would end the “greedy people” making a profit from pictures such as this. People have the right to not buy the magazine or the option of turning the channel.

    17. Peter says:

      This Magazine is garbage!!! Burn tabloids!!! I hope to see they parets soon on the cover.

    18. Peter says:

      This Magazine is garbage!!! Burn tabloids!!! I hope to see they parents soon on the cover.


    19. Ani says:

      It’s shopped. Look at his nose and the color of his skin. That’s not how he looked when he died.

    20. Christina says:

      You guys are disgusting. I use to buy your magazine and now I won’t anymore. I hope other people follow my lead and do the same thing.

      • danyelle says:

        i agree how selfish what u do for money why would u do this what if it was ur family member you wouldnt like it ur selfish cold hearted people

    21. Sydney says:

      I Love Micheal.
      That Sh1t on that cover is making me upset!
      Im sorry but thats not a good picture!

    22. Peaches says:

      You need to change the name of your rag, O K – because what you just did with M.J.’s photo is NOT o. k.

      What does The Bible say about $$$,$$$.00 and the root of all evil??

      Oh, excuse me (my bad) – never read The Bible, huh RAG OWNER!? A good reason for emotional cruelty toward Michael’s family.

    23. marlys says:

      oh please…..anyone who wants to be that big in life should expect to be exploited in death.

    24. amandaaa says:

      This is horible the fact that someone could cash in on others sorrow and heartbreak is disgusting and pathetic. Even though mj was a celebrity he was still a man with a family and children who now have to deal with the grief of his death. Dont you think they have enough to deal with while having camras shoved in there faces all the time and dealing with his multimillion dollar will and the care for his children. But now on top of all that ok magazine feels the need to put his dying face on a magazine that has also hosted things such as “britneys meltdown” “jens magic diet” and “wedding of the year”. All i can say now is that i cant believe that some one would take a picture of that let alone sell it to a tabloid that must take a pretty heartless person

    25. marlys says:

      and another thing…you can measure the IQ of his fans by all their spelling mistakes.

    26. Lisa says:

      Ok, so what is the difference between this picture and all the pictures that will be coming from the memorial, as well as the fact that his memorial service will be all over the tv on Tuesday AND that they were auctioning tickets….the fact that it is or is not wrong should not be up for debate. Every other aspect of this mans life was put out there for the world to see and nobody saw things wrong with that? There was plenty that was none of our business, however we all bought the mag’s or believed the bull…
      If you are not happy with the picture then don’t be, but to some this is just the same old violation of privacy that the man had been subjected to for years. Why didn’t everyone see a problem with any of it before…now that he’s dead we will respect him???

    27. Angry in Florida says:

      I can honestly say that this made me cry. This is the lowest I have seen a magazine go. I will not purchase your magazine, I hope no one does. This man had children, a family (whether dysfunctional or not) and millions of fans. Shameless,,,,

    28. Rachel says:

      When I saw this magazine on the stands at Wal*Mart I looked at my mom and said, “That doesn’t even look real!” Turns out, you idiots paid half a million dollars or more for this photo of a legend, an icon, but more than anything, a human being. I feel terrible for Michael’s family. What torment they must be going through to see their son’s life exploited on the media, much less to see him dead on the cover of a magazine for the entire world to see! It’s truly disgusting. The world does not need to remember Michael’s death, but his legacy. And for those of you who are calling him a “freak” and saying, “he looks better dead than he did alive” -go to hell. Some of you individuals are heartless to be saying such things.

      Oh, and to “P”: Just a quick question, I would love to hear your definition of a musician. You said Michael Jackson was just a “singer” and “dancer”? Please tell me, does a super star just “sing” & “dance” but not have the title of a “musician”? In case you didn’t know, Michael wrote the majority (if not all) of his songs and choreographed all of his music videos. The “ticking” that you see today by all of the Rap/Hip Hop artists, came from him. He had an amazing voice. He isn’t once in a millennium or a lifetime. He is once-EVER. I’m pretty sure I’d call that a MUSICIAN. Also, his personal life will only over shadow his talent as long as the media and the people let it. Because of the rude, hateful people in the world like you, and this disgusting magazine, the negative aspects of his life are the only thing people talk about. This just proves how critical and deceiving this world is.

      And as for OK Magazine: I will never purchase your magazine again. I hope no one does after this published copy. You all are sick, disgusting people for even thinking this photo would be “OK” to produce. Shame on you all. And shame on the moron for taking the picture. You and this magazine have continued to stir the pot of negativity in the lives of Michael Jackson’s family, friends, and fans during this time of grief.

    29. Deb says:

      OK magazine, tasteless! I will never ever buy that magazine again. Everyone is entitled to their opinion of Michael but our Lord is the only one that truly knows him and he is of the highest power to receive Michael as he was. Please please please let us all rejoice in Michael’s music and all the great things the man did for charities and let Michael Jackson rest in peace.

    30. Pringl3z says:

      I think it is wrong to show Micheal like that. He should be remembered in peaceful way, non-controversial way.

    31. Real says:

      How about you all get real? The man is going to be in a casket with his dead face showing (to the public) anyway. Why not put it on the front of a magazine where all of the people that aren’t fortunate enough to attend the funeral see him? Besides, you all thought he was a freak and a child molester before this even happened. The one thing I hate is fake people and thats 99% of the global population right now.

    32. Obviously says:

      OBVIOUSLY HIS LIFE IS GOING TO BE EXPLOITED THROUGHOUT THE MEDIA IF HE’S GOING TO BE FAMOUS. You are a complete dumbass for even have said that.

      • Rachel says:

        If you are referring to what I said about his family going through torment because the media is exploiting his life. I meant they are exploiting his life because of his death and they are exploiting it in a NEGATIVE way, not a positive way that celebrates his life and all of the amazing things he accomplished.

    33. carol says:

      You guys(OK) should be asamed of yourselves you could of at least put the picture inside the magazine not to cruelity put him on the cover i used to buy your magazine as of after this issue I will boycott from buying it I hope others will follow

    34. BLAHBAG says:


    35. rebuild louisiana says:

      i personally have never bought an OK magazine..althought i have seen the at the checkouts of course. my main concern is what message are we sending to our children who also stand at the checkouts. is this going to be the turning point where we glorify the absurd? true..he may have be already dead at the point of the photo or not (oxygen mask), was the taking of said photo a problem getting the proper medical assistance that could have perhaps saved a life? i am only 47 years old, but i do remember a day when a death was mourned and not a case for ‘padding’ a wallet or a coporation’s bank account…with gossip, photos of the dead, interviews with the grieving family and the like. i know i am not the person who personally bought all his albums in the past so i did not make M.J. famous all on my don’t say you didn’t like his do you did and you know all the lyrics. i know todays world in money drivin’ but this is distasteful and crosses the line of the almighty dollar. i remember teen magazine and i was a teenager at the time…remember the osmonds? this is on the internet, tickets are being sold to people who never liked his music, and our children are a witness. and ok magagazine should be ashamed. i only got on this blog to leave this and i will never return here, nor buy your magazine…fans of M.J. and those who love humans as humans…listen to ‘EARTH SONG’.

    36. Danny says:

      Michael deserves the right to RIP. Please show some respect for his children and family. Remember the great songs that he performed and the great contributions he gave so generously to the world. Please stop bringing up negative things about him. He is a legend, icon and the greatest entertainer of all time.

    37. Death says:

      Sick and twisted. We all know about death you m0r0ns and we don’t need low lifes waiting for an opportunity to “cash in”.

    38. annie says:

      I don’t think the picture is horrible, but I DO think the idea behind its publication is. To get paid 1/2 million for this picture is ridiculous. The person who took that picture is a low life.

      Michael Jackson was in fact a musician…I understand that he played the piano.

      I pitied him even with all of his riches. His father was/is a monster.

    39. chris says:

      who gives a he is gross and liked to touch children

    40. princess says:

      the cover is fine. everyone needs to get over it, and get over all this memorial stuff. i can’t wait til tomorrow is over and he’s buried and hopefully i can watch something else in the news. yes, he had great music and i respect that….but i can’t respect him as a person because he was an ugly human being, literally and figuratively.

    41. GBz says:

      Anything to make a buck. Anything. Shame on this world.

    42. Will says:

      This is shameful.

    43. dave says:

      MJ was a total child melestor. Any shame that aries from this picutre on OK magazie was earned. This child m.olesting should rot in h.ell!

    44. Jen-Jen says:

      Hey Lisa, Ms. Intelligent..

      What is the difference between that photo on the RAG-AZINE cover and photos that will be taken at the memorial service tomorrow???

      HUGE DIFFERENCE!! Michael’s body will NOT be there, so the only photos to be taken are photos of photos and maybe his family & other celebs.

      That cover photo was taken way before the family even knew he was dead which gave them no time to take in the initial shock of his death.

      Has anyone ever accused you of having compassion??

      I agree with Vigi, wait and see how you will feel next time someone in your life dies.

      • Jen-Jen says:

        UPDATE!! 7/7 9:47 am: The family has decided to NOT leave M.J. for burial at the cemetery – they are taking him to the Staple Center which was a very last-minute change-of-mind decision. They are proceeding there right now as I type!!

        Pray for this family, this is a lot to deal with – 1,000’s of fans who might go crazy when he arrives.

        The fans are still hanging outside and it is close to 10 am. The place looks empty inside because now they know that M. J.’s body is on it’s way there.

        I hope that that last-minute change is not a huge mistake.

        God Bless The Jackson Family.

    45. Jen-Jen says:

      Listen, 1 more time: to those of you who are M. J. haters…..HIS BODY WILL NOT BE AT THE MEMORIAL SERVICE!!

      It has already been said all over the news: HE WILL NOT BE THERE.

      Use common sense people. How do you think the police in Los Angeles would be able to controll over 11,000 mourning fans who will be here from around the world if his body will be there.

      You Haters: what difference does it make, he will be at the memorial for all to see anyway.

      Blah, blah & a really big BLAH!!

      Number 1: if you did not see him do something with those boys, you have no proof, so let that also die.

      Number 2: just because he was rich and famous, that does not mean he & his family deserve no respect.

      Number 3: how many of you can honestly say you have donated ANYTHING

      • GROW UP NOW!! says:

        You tell it, Jen-Jen.

        I wonder how much music of Michael’s these haters have in their homes right now – bunch of hypocrits!! How many of you also have tried to dress or dance like him?? How many karoake songs of his did you “TRY” to sing?

        How many of you haters would attend the memorial service if you got selected and had enough money to go there??

        How about you M.J. haters start steppin’ up and donate to charity like he did (got no $$$?, no excuse) or give some hours of volunteer work to help someone that you don’t even know; someone other than your owm insensitive yourselves.

        How would YOU like to be accused of something so hugely awful when there is no proof that you did it?? Have you never, ever lied when you were a kid?? GET OVER IT ALREADY – Please!!

    46. right on! says:

      I don’t know what country some are you are living in right now, but in the USA, a person is innocent until proven guilty.

      Michael was aquitted. Yes, he was a bit strange & did some weird stuff, but that does not mean that he definitely did anything immoral with any kids.

      Please, until you can produce a video tape of him in the act, your opinions are not even worth what gets flushed down toilets.

      How would you like to have that kind of stuff hanging over your head al the way up until the day that you die? Walk a mile.

    47. SLH says:

      Re: photo of a dead MJ

      Ms. Sarah Ivens, OK!’s editorial director and publisher Richard Desmond — you have taken tabloid journalist and sleaziness to an all time low.

      But come to think of it…we should stick a photo of your father, child, brother or loved one on the cover of your magazine with tubes and somewhat sticking out of them or plaster a photo of them in their coffin.

      Hmmm… once that is published….maybe we take the magazine, rip it up and use it as cat litter. Well how about that? Going green can be fun!

      Clean up your act.

    48. ELIZABETH GROSS says:


      • miss high & mitey says:

        Hi, Gross Liz :-(

        Your last name sure fits your words and attitude.

        I bet the amount of real friends that you have can be counted on no hand.

    49. WTF says:

      No respect…how sad =( , just shows you what people will do to earn a buck.

    50. Dear Angels: says:

      This is to all the angels: those of you who are acting as if you have never made any mistakes in your lives.

      You do WHATEVER you want to do on purpose as if you did not know any better, then you try to “cleanse” your evil souls by going to confession at a church, hiding behind some curtain in a booth(pretending to be sorry & ashamed, but keep going back there every week) talking to some guy who is wearing some long gown as if he is actually God, then you leave there and can’t wait till the next time you get the opportunity to “mess up” on purpose again! This is not holiness, just plain old being hypocrites with no self-control.

      SO STOP JUDGING OTHERS WHEN YOUR OWN STUFF AIN’T TOGETHER – sin is sin, no matter what it is, what you did or how bad it is, there is no innocent little white lie or horrific crime, there is no big sin or small sin – ALL of it is SIN.

      So get off of your high horses & sweep around your own front door before you sweep around someone else’s. Take the wood out of your own eye before you take the spec out of someone else’s because ALL of you who are talking bad about M. J. need to take a long look in the mirror and ask yourselves what kind of stuff have you done bad your whole lives – you are living in glasses houses & some day they will break.

      Some of you still drive talking on your phones & drive after drinking, some of you make money under the table & some on top of a bed, some of you have s.ex with people you are not married to (& a spouse is involved), some of you use and sell illegal drugs – some of you even commit statuatory r.ape, BUT HEY “the parents don’t care, so I will keep doin’ it”. Lots of you are rotten to the core, so put yourselves in check and judge your own selves.

      You are so quick to cast a stone as if you are so pure and sin-free.

      Unless your names are Jesus Christ, you need to leave that stone on the ground and check yourselves all of you Pope Paul & Mother Teresa can’t-be’s.

      The only diffence is what you have done, you have done it in the dark & in secret and no one knows about it……YET (But the man upstairs knows! Or,just maybe YOU WILL GET READ ABOUT IT SOMEDAY IN THE NEWS PAPER, .

      • Jen-Jen says:

        OMG!! :-)

        You have hit the nail right on the head!

        “You who is without sin cast the first stone”.

        Finally, somebody who knows what she or he is talking about.

        “Judge not, lest ye be judged”, “no one is righteous, no not one”, “Repent, everyone of you………”, “All have sinned and fallen short……”.

        If people would read and obey the Bible, this world would have so much love in it for everyone. There would be no crime or hatred, no one using anyone & compassion when someone is in mourning.

        We all need to stop “bearing false witness against our neighbors”.

        I know that later today someone will write something about that fact that neither of Michael’s VERY closest 2 friends (Liz Taylor & Dianna Ross) will not be at his service and also neither of his 2 ex-wives will be, but that is between them & their God. We do not know why they will not be there so let’s not judge them either.

    51. Hope, Love & Peace says:


    52. sacoco says:

      yea that pic makes u more depressed wow they are thirsty to get pics of mj half a million dollars dumbasses it is kind of disturbing and they jus exploid him like that that is sad

    53. Savannah says:

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